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it was basically done by Richard
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2013-03-16drop the gnat gsoc project ideaPino Toscano
gnat has been ported recently, so a whole gsoc on it is not needed anymore
2013-03-16drop the pthread conversion projectPino Toscano
it has been done recently
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2012-11-29IRC.Thomas Schwinge
2012-05-05deleted project "porting libgtop", because it's already done.andjos
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Otherwise, they're quite lost next to the headings of the internal task descriptions.
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2011-03-27community/gsoc/project_ideas: Two Hurd ideas pages?Thomas Schwinge
2011-03-26gsoc/ideas: Drop obsolete D-I task for nowantrik
There are still some issues open with D-I, so perhaps it could be resurrected after updating -- or some of the non-trivial issues can become distinct tasks.
2011-03-25gsoc/ideas/dtrace: Update and add backantrik
Doesn't look like Andrei will ever continue work on this, so it's up for takers again. Mention previous work, and update task accordingly.
2011-03-25gsoc/ideas/driver_glue_code: Update and add backantrik
As zhengda seems MIA, this task is up for takers again. Update the text to reflect the fact that zhengda already did a lot of the DDE work. (Actually, the text is almost entirely rewritten...) Probably this should be split into several distinct tasks for the various aspects that need work.
2011-03-25gsoc/ideas: Proper task description for "automated testing"antrik
2011-03-25gsoc/ideas: Drop locking validity task for nowantrik
It's probably too vague. Not sure it can be made any better -- perhaps just mention this aspect in the testing framework task instead?...
2011-03-25gsoc/ideas: Drop autogenerated link listantrik
I don't see the point of having this redundant list. What's more, the autogenerated list is problematic for a number of reasons -- which is why I had switched to manually listing each task in the first place...
2011-03-25gsoc/project_ideas: Restore all project ideas hereantrik
While there is certainly some overlap with other areas, it is *not* acceptable to drop mentors and exercises from GSoC tasks, nor to add random crap, nor do any other changes that make them less useful as GSoC tasks -- and this is *not* obvious if they do not live in the project_ideas namespace. It's also confusing in general. I tried to preserve all valid changes to the task descriptions themself -- though I might have messed up some things. I did leave the now redundant entries in open_tasks in place. Not sure how to deal with them. As the content is virtually identical anyways, they probably should be just turned into stubs pointing here. Or don't list them explicitely at all -- we point out in other places that GSoC ideas are useful in other contexts too... For the future, please refrain from reorganising things here without prior discussion.
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2010-11-06open_issues/performance: New.Thomas Schwinge