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We offer a wide range of possible projects to choose from. If you have an idea
not listed here, we'd love to hear about it!
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[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/server_overriding" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/tcp_ip_stack" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/nfs" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
-[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/libdiskfs_locking" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
+[[!inline pages="open_issues/locking" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/pthreads" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/sound" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="open_issues/performance/io_system" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]