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community/gsoc/project_ideas: Bold text for the external task descriptions.
Otherwise, they're quite lost next to the headings of the internal task descriptions.
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@@ -74,16 +74,17 @@ After all, the purpose of GSoC is to introduce you to free software development
before the end of the application process, with our help -- contact us, and we
will assist you as well as we can.
-See also the list of [Hurd-related project ideas](
+See also the list of **[Hurd-related project
<!-- These tasks are also listed on
<>, which is the page used by for referring to their GSoC projects. Probabaly we should get rid of one
of these pages (to avoid duplication). -->
-Also, note that there is a task about [porting GCC's implementation of the
+Also, note that there is a task about **[porting GCC's implementation of the
Google Go programming language to
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[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/virtualization" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]