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gsoc/ideas: Drop autogenerated link list
I don't see the point of having this redundant list. What's more, the autogenerated list is problematic for a number of reasons -- which is why I had switched to manually listing each task in the first place...
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See also the list of [Hurd-related project ideas](
-Here is a list of what we consider suitable tasks:
-[[!map show=title pages="(community/gsoc/project_ideas/* and
- !community/gsoc/project_ideas/*/*) or tagged(gsoc-task)"]]
-Here are these pages' content:
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/language_bindings" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/virtualization" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]
[[!inline pages="community/gsoc/project_ideas/file_locking" show=0 feeds=no actions=yes]]