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@@ -42,3 +42,527 @@ There is a [[!FF_project 275]][[!tag bounty]] on this task.
<youpi> there'll still be the issue that only one will be initialized
<youpi> and one that provides libc thread safety functions, etc.
<pinotree> that's what i wanted to knew, thanks :)
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-23
+ <bddebian> So I am not sure what to do with the hurd_condition_wait stuff
+ <braunr> i would also like to know what's the real issue with cancellation
+ here
+ <braunr> because my understanding is that libpthread already implements it
+ <braunr> does it look ok to you to make hurd_condition_timedwait return an
+ errno code (like ETIMEDOUT and ECANCELED) ?
+ <youpi> braunr: that's what pthread_* function usually do, yes
+ <braunr> i thought they used their own code
+ <youpi> no
+ <braunr> thanks
+ <braunr> well, first, do you understand what hurd_condition_wait is ?
+ <braunr> it's similar to condition_wait or pthread_cond_wait with a subtle
+ difference
+ <braunr> it differs from the original cthreads version by handling
+ cancellation
+ <braunr> but it also differs from the second by how it handles cancellation
+ <braunr> instead of calling registered cleanup routines and leaving, it
+ returns an error code
+ <braunr> (well simply !0 in this case)
+ <braunr> so there are two ways
+ <braunr> first, change the call to pthread_cond_wait
+ <bddebian> Are you saying we could fix stuff to use pthread_cond_wait()
+ properly?
+ <braunr> it's possible but not easy
+ <braunr> because you'd have to rewrite the cancellation code
+ <braunr> probably writing cleanup routines
+ <braunr> this can be hard and error prone
+ <braunr> and is useless if the code already exists
+ <braunr> so it seems reasonable to keep this hurd extension
+ <braunr> but now, as it *is* a hurd extension noone else uses
+ <antrik> braunr: BTW, when trying to figure out a tricky problem with the
+ auth server, cfhammer digged into the RPC cancellation code quite a bit,
+ and it's really a horrible complex monstrosity... plus the whole concept
+ is actually broken in some regards I think -- though I don't remember the
+ details
+ <braunr> antrik: i had the same kind of thoughts
+ <braunr> antrik: the hurd or pthreads ones ?
+ <antrik> not sure what you mean. I mean the RPC cancellation code -- which
+ is involves thread management too
+ <braunr> ok
+ <antrik> I don't know how it is related to hurd_condition_wait though
+ <braunr> well i found two main entry points there
+ <braunr> hurd_thread_cancel and hurd_condition_wait
+ <braunr> and it didn't look that bad
+ <braunr> whereas in the pthreads code, there are many corner cases
+ <braunr> and even the standard itself looks insane
+ <antrik> well, perhaps the threading part is not that bad...
+ <antrik> it's not where we saw the problems at any rate :-)
+ <braunr> rpc interruption maybe ?
+ <antrik> oh, right... interruption is probably the right term
+ <braunr> yes that thing looks scary
+ <braunr> :))
+ <braunr> the migration thread paper mentions some things about the problems
+ concerning threads controllability
+ <antrik> I believe it's a very strong example for why building around
+ standard Mach features is a bad idea, instead of adapting the primitives
+ to our actual needs...
+ <braunr> i wouldn't be surprised if the "monstrosities" are work arounds
+ <braunr> right
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-26
+ <bddebian> Uhm, where does /usr/include/hurd/signal.h come from?
+ <pinotree> head -n4 /usr/include/hurd/signal.
+ <pinotree> h
+ <bddebian> Ohh glibc?
+ <bddebian> That makes things a little more difficult :(
+ <braunr> why ?
+ <bddebian> Hurd includes it which brings in cthreads
+ <braunr> ?
+ <braunr> the hurd already brings in cthreads
+ <braunr> i don't see what you mean
+ <bddebian> Not anymore :)
+ <braunr> the system cthreads header ?
+ <braunr> well it's not that difficult to trick the compiler not to include
+ them
+ <bddebian> signal.h includes cthreads.h I need to stop that
+ <braunr> just define the _CTHREADS_ macro before including anything
+ <braunr> remember that header files are normally enclosed in such macros to
+ avoid multiple inclusions
+ <braunr> this isn't specific to cthreads
+ <pinotree> converting hurd from cthreads to pthreads will make hurd and
+ glibc break source and binary compatibility
+ <bddebian> Of course
+ <braunr> reminds me of the similar issues of the late 90s
+ <bddebian> Ugh, why is he using _pthread_self()?
+ <pinotree> maybe because it accesses to the internals
+ <braunr> "he" ?
+ <bddebian> Thomas in his modified cancel-cond.c
+ <braunr> well, you need the internals to implement it
+ <braunr> hurd_condition_wait is similar to pthread_condition_wait, except
+ that instead of stopping the thread and calling cleanup routines, it
+ returns 1 if cancelled
+ <pinotree> not that i looked at it, but there's really no way to implement
+ it using public api?
+ <bddebian> Even if I am using glibc pthreads?
+ <braunr> unlikely
+ <bddebian> God I had all of this worked out before I dropped off for a
+ couple years.. :(
+ <braunr> this will come back :p
+ <pinotree> that makes you the perfect guy to work on it ;)
+ <bddebian> I can't find a pt-internal.h anywhere.. :(
+ <pinotree> clone the hurd/libpthread.git repo from savannah
+ <bddebian> Of course when I was doing this libpthread was still in hurd
+ sources...
+ <bddebian> So if I am using glibc pthread, why can't I use pthread_self()
+ instead?
+ <pinotree> that won't give you access to the internals
+ <bddebian> OK, dumb question time. What internals?
+ <pinotree> the libpthread ones
+ <braunr> that's where you will find if your thread has been cancelled or
+ not
+ <bddebian> pinotree: But isn't that assuming that I am using hurd's
+ libpthread?
+ <pinotree> if you aren't inside libpthread, no
+ <braunr> pthread_self is normally not portable
+ <braunr> you can only use it with pthread_equal
+ <braunr> so unless you *know* the internals, you can't use it
+ <braunr> and you won't be able to do much
+ <braunr> so, as it was done with cthreads, hurd_condition_wait should be
+ close to the libpthread implementation
+ <braunr> inside, normally
+ <braunr> now, if it's too long for you (i assume you don't want to build
+ glibc)
+ <braunr> you can just implement it outside, grabbing the internal headers
+ for now
+ <pinotree> another "not that i looked at it" question: isn't there no way
+ to rewrite the code using that custom condwait stuff to use the standard
+ libpthread one?
+ <braunr> and once it works, it'll get integrated
+ <braunr> pinotree: it looks very hard
+ <bddebian> braunr: But the internal headers are assuming hurd libpthread
+ which isn't in the source anymore
+ <braunr> from what i could see while working on select, servers very often
+ call hurd_condition_wait
+ <braunr> and they return EINTR if canceleld
+ <braunr> so if you use the standard pthread_cond_wait function, your thread
+ won't be able to return anything, unless you push the reply in a
+ completely separate callback
+ <braunr> i'm not sure how well mig can cope with that
+ <braunr> i'd say it can't :)
+ <braunr> no really it looks ugly
+ <braunr> it's far better to have this hurd specific function and keep the
+ existing user code as it is
+ <braunr> bddebian: you don't need the implementation, only the headers
+ <braunr> the thread, cond, mutex structures mostly
+ <bddebian> I should turn <pt-internal.h> to "pt-internal.h" and just put it
+ in libshouldbelibc, no?
+ <pinotree> no, that header is not installed
+ <bddebian> Obviously not the "best" way
+ <bddebian> pinotree: ??
+ <braunr> pinotree: what does it change ?
+ <pinotree> braunr: it == ?
+ <braunr> bddebian: you could even copy it entirely in your new
+ cancel-cond.C and mention where it was copied from
+ <braunr> pinotree: it == pt-internal.H not being installed
+ <pinotree> that he cannot include it in libshouldbelibc sources?
+ <pinotree> ah, he wants to copy it?
+ <braunr> yes
+ <braunr> i want him to copy it actually :p
+ <braunr> it may be hard if there are a lot of macro options
+ <pinotree> the __pthread struct changes size and content depending on other
+ internal sysdeps headers
+ <braunr> well he needs to copy those too :p
+ <bddebian> Well even if this works we are going to have to do something
+ more "correct" about hurd_condition_wait. Maybe even putting it in
+ glibc?
+ <braunr> sure
+ <braunr> but again, don't waste time on this for now
+ <braunr> make it *work*, then it'll get integrated
+ <bddebian> Like it has already? This "patch" is only about 5 years old
+ now... ;-P
+ <braunr> but is it complete ?
+ <bddebian> Probably not :)
+ <bddebian> Hmm, I wonder how many undefined references I am going to get
+ though.. :(
+ <bddebian> Shit, 5
+ <bddebian> One of which is ___pthread_self.. :(
+ <bddebian> Does that mean I am actually going to have to build hurds
+ libpthreads in libshouldbeinlibc?
+ <bddebian> Seriously, do I really need ___pthread_self, __pthread_self,
+ _pthread_self and pthread_self???
+ <bddebian> I'm still unclear what to do with cancel-cond.c. It seems to me
+ that if I leave it the way it is currently I am going to have to either
+ re-add libpthreads or still all of the libpthreads code under
+ libshouldbeinlibc.
+ <braunr> then add it in libc
+ <braunr> glib
+ <braunr> glibc
+ <braunr> maybe under the name __hurd_condition_wait
+ <bddebian> Shouldn't I be able to interrupt cancel-cond stuff to use glibc
+ pthreads?
+ <braunr> interrupt ?
+ <bddebian> Meaning interject like they are doing. I may be missing the
+ point but they are just obfuscating libpthreads thread with some other
+ "namespace"? (I know my terminology is wrong, sorry).
+ <braunr> they ?
+ <bddebian> Well Thomas in this case but even in the old cthreads code,
+ whoever wrote cancel-cond.c
+ <braunr> but they use internal thread structures ..
+ <bddebian> Understood but at some level they are still just getting to a
+ libpthread thread, no?
+ <braunr> absolutely not ..
+ <braunr> there is *no* pthread stuff in the hurd
+ <braunr> that's the problem :p
+ <bddebian> Bah damnit...
+ <braunr> cthreads are directly implement on top of mach threads
+ <braunr> implemeneted*
+ <braunr> implemented*
+ <bddebian> Sure but hurd_condition_wait wasn't
+ <braunr> of course it is
+ <braunr> it's almost the same as condition_wait
+ <braunr> but returns 1 if a cancelation request was made
+ <bddebian> Grr, maybe I am just confusing myself because I am looking at
+ the modified (pthreads) version instead of the original cthreads version
+ of cancel-cond.c
+ <braunr> well if the modified version is fine, why not directly use that ?
+ <braunr> normally, hurd_condition_wait should sit next to other pthread
+ internal stuff
+ <braunr> it could be renamed __hurd_condition_wait, i'm not sure
+ <braunr> that's irrelevant for your work anyway
+ <bddebian> I am using it but it relies on libpthread and I am trying to use
+ glibc pthreads
+ <braunr> hum
+ <braunr> what's the difference between libpthread and "glibc pthreads" ?
+ <braunr> aren't glibc pthreads the merged libpthread ?
+ <bddebian> quite possibly but then I am missing something obvious. I'm
+ getting ___pthread_self in libshouldbeinlibc but it is *UND*
+ <braunr> bddebian: with unmodified binaries ?
+ <bddebian> braunr: No I added cancel-cond.c to libshouldbeinlibc
+ <bddebian> And some of the pt-xxx.h headers
+ <braunr> well it's normal then
+ <braunr> i suppose
+ <bddebian> braunr: So how do I get those defined without including
+ pthreads.c from libpthreads? :)
+ <antrik> pinotree: hm... I think we should try to make sure glibc works
+ both whith cthreads hurd and pthreads hurd. I hope that shoudn't be so
+ hard.
+ <antrik> breaking binary compatibility for the Hurd libs is not too
+ terrible I'd say -- as much as I'd like that, we do not exactly have a
+ lot of external stuff depending on them :-)
+ <braunr> bddebian: *sigh*
+ <braunr> bddebian: just add cancel-cond to glibc, near the pthread code :p
+ <bddebian> braunr: Wouldn't I still have the same issue?
+ <braunr> bddebian: what issue ?
+ <antrik> is hurd_condition_wait() the name of the original cthreads-based
+ function?
+ <braunr> antrik: the original is condition_wait
+ <antrik> I'm confused
+ <antrik> is condition_wait() a standard cthreads function, or a
+ Hurd-specific extension?
+ <braunr> antrik: as standard as you can get for something like cthreads
+ <bddebian> braunr: Where hurd_condition_wait is looking for "internals" as
+ you call them. I.E. there is no __pthread_self() in glibc pthreads :)
+ <braunr> hurd_condition_wait is the hurd-specific addition for cancelation
+ <braunr> bddebian: who cares ?
+ <braunr> bddebian: there is a pthread structure, and conditions, and
+ mutexes
+ <braunr> you need those definitions
+ <braunr> so you either import them in the hurd
+ <antrik> braunr: so hurd_condition_wait() *is* also used in the original
+ cthread-based implementation?
+ <braunr> or you write your code directly where they're available
+ <braunr> antrik: what do you call "original" ?
+ <antrik> not transitioned to pthreads
+ <braunr> ok, let's simply call that cthreads
+ <braunr> yes, it's used by every hurd servers
+ <braunr> virtually
+ <braunr> if not really everyone of them
+ <bddebian> braunr: That is where you are losing me. If I can just use
+ glibc pthreads structures, why can't I just use them in the new pthreads
+ version of cancel-cond.c which is what I was originally asking.. :)
+ <braunr> you *have* to do that
+ <braunr> but then, you have to build the whole glibc
+ * bddebian shoots himself
+ <braunr> and i was under the impression you wanted to avoid that
+ <antrik> do any standard pthread functions use identical names to any
+ standard cthread functions?
+ <braunr> what you *can't* do is use the standard pthreads interface
+ <braunr> no, not identical
+ <braunr> but very close
+ <braunr> bddebian: there is a difference between using pthreads, which
+ means using the standard posix interface, and using the glibc pthreads
+ structure, which means toying with the internale implementation
+ <braunr> you *cannot* implement hurd_condition_wait with the standard posix
+ interface, you need to use the internal structures
+ <braunr> hurd_condition_wait is actually a shurd specific addition to the
+ threading library
+ <braunr> hurd*
+ <antrik> well, in that case, the new pthread-based variant of
+ hurd_condition_wait() should also use a different name from the
+ cthread-based one
+ <braunr> so it's normal to put it in that threading library, like it was
+ done for cthreads
+ <braunr> 21:35 < braunr> it could be renamed __hurd_condition_wait, i'm not
+ sure
+ <bddebian> Except that I am trying to avoid using that threading library
+ <braunr> what ?
+ <bddebian> If I am understanding you correctly it is an extention to the
+ hurd specific libpthreads?
+ <braunr> to the threading library, whichever it is
+ <braunr> antrik: although, why not keeping the same name ?
+ <antrik> braunr: I don't think having hurd_condition_wait() for the cthread
+ variant and __hurd_condition_wait() would exactly help clarity...
+ <antrik> I was talking about a really new name. something like
+ pthread_hurd_condition_wait() or so
+ <antrik> braunr: to avoid confusion. to avoid accidentally pulling in the
+ wrong one at build and/or runtime.
+ <antrik> to avoid possible namespace conflicts
+ <braunr> ok
+ <braunr> well yes, makes sense
+ <bddebian> braunr: Let me state this as plainly as I hope I can. If I want
+ to use glibc's pthreads, I have no choice but to add it to glibc?
+ <braunr> and pthread_hurd_condition_wait is a fine name
+ <braunr> bddebian: no
+ <braunr> bddebian: you either add it there
+ <braunr> bddebian: or you copy the headers defining the internal structures
+ somewhere else and implement it there
+ <braunr> but adding it to glibc is better
+ <braunr> it's just longer in the beginning, and now i'm working on it, i'm
+ really not sure
+ <braunr> add it to glibc directly :p
+ <bddebian> That's what I am trying to do but the headers use pthread
+ specific stuff would should be coming from glibc's pthreads
+ <braunr> yes
+ <braunr> well it's not the headers you need
+ <braunr> you need the internal structure definitions
+ <braunr> sometimes they're in c files for opacity
+ <bddebian> So ___pthread_self() should eventually be an obfuscation of
+ glibcs pthread_self(), no?
+ <braunr> i don't know what it is
+ <braunr> read the cthreads variant of hurd_condition_wait, understand it,
+ do the same for pthreads
+ <braunr> it's easy :p
+ <bddebian> For you bastards that have a clue!! ;-P
+ <antrik> I definitely vote for adding it to the hurd pthreads
+ implementation in glibc right away. trying to do it externally only adds
+ unnecessary complications
+ <antrik> and we seem to agree that this new pthread function should be
+ named pthread_hurd_condition_wait(), not just hurd_condition_wait() :-)
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-27
+ <bddebian> OK this hurd_condition_wait stuff is getting ridiculous the way
+ I am trying to tackle it. :( I think I need a new tactic.
+ <braunr> bddebian: what do you mean ?
+ <bddebian> braunr: I know I am thick headed but I still don't get why I
+ cannot implement it in libshouldbeinlibc for now but still use glibc
+ pthreads internals
+ <bddebian> I thought I was getting close last night by bringing in all of
+ the hurd pthread headers and .c files but it just keeps getting uglier
+ and uglier
+ <bddebian> youpi: Just to verify. The /usr/lib/i386-gnu/ that
+ ships with Debian now is from glibc, NOT libpthreads from Hurd right?
+ Everything I need should be available in glibc's libpthreads? (Except for
+ hurd_condition_wait obviously).
+ <braunr> 22:35 < antrik> I definitely vote for adding it to the hurd
+ pthreads implementation in glibc right away. trying to do it externally
+ only adds unnecessary complications
+ <youpi> bddebian: yes
+ <youpi> same as antrik
+ <bddebian> fuck
+ <youpi> libpthread *already* provides some odd symbols (cthread
+ compatibility), it can provide others
+ <braunr> bddebian: don't curse :p it will be easier in the long run
+ * bddebian breaks out glibc :(
+ <braunr> but you should tell thomas that too
+ <bddebian> braunr: I know it just adds a level of complexity that I may not
+ be able to deal with
+ <braunr> we wouldn't want him to waste too much time on the external
+ libpthread
+ <braunr> which one ?
+ <bddebian> glibc for one. hurd_condition_wait() for another which I don't
+ have a great grasp on. Remember my knowledge/skillsets are limited
+ currently.
+ <braunr> bddebian: tschwinge has good instructions to build glibc
+ <braunr> keep your tree around and it shouldn't be long to hack on it
+ <braunr> for hurd_condition_wait, i can help
+ <bddebian> Oh I was thinking about using Debian glibc for now. You think I
+ should do it from git?
+ <braunr> no
+ <braunr> debian rules are even more reliable
+ <braunr> (just don't build all the variants)
+ <pinotree> `debian/rules build_libc` builds the plain i386 variant only
+ <bddebian> So put pthread_hurd_cond_wait in it's own .c file or just put it
+ in pt-cond-wait.c ?
+ <braunr> i'd put it in pt-cond-wait.C
+ <bddebian> youpi or braunr: OK, another dumb question. What (if anything)
+ should I do about hurd/hurd/signal.h. Should I stop it from including
+ cthreads?
+ <youpi> it's not a dumb question. it should probably stop, yes, but there
+ might be uncovered issues, which we'll have to take care of
+ <bddebian> Well I know antrik suggested trying to keep compatibility but I
+ don't see how you would do that
+ <braunr> compability between what ?
+ <braunr> and source and/or binary ?
+ <youpi> hurd/signal.h implicitly including cthreads.h
+ <braunr> ah
+ <braunr> well yes, it has to change obviously
+ <bddebian> Which will break all the cthreads stuff of course
+ <bddebian> So are we agreeing on pthread_hurd_cond_wait()?
+ <braunr> that's fine
+ <bddebian> Ugh, shit there is stuff in glibc using cthreads??
+ <braunr> like what ?
+ <bddebian> hurdsig, hurdsock, setauth, dtable, ...
+ <youpi> it's just using the compatibility stuff, that pthread does provide
+ <bddebian> but it includes cthreads.h implicitly
+ <bddebian> s/it/they in many cases
+ <youpi> not a problem, we provide the functions
+ <bddebian> Hmm, then what do I do about signal.h? It includes chtreads.h
+ because it uses extern struct mutex ...
+ <youpi> ah, then keep the include
+ <youpi> the pthread mutexes are compatible with that
+ <youpi> we'll clean that afterwards
+ <bddebian> arf, OK
+ <youpi> that's what I meant by "uncover issues"
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-28
+ <bddebian> Well crap, glibc built but I have no symbol for
+ pthread_hurd_cond_wait in :(
+ <bddebian> Hmm, I wonder if I have to add pthread_hurd_cond_wait to
+ forward.c and Versions? (Versions obviously eventually)
+ <pinotree> bddebian: most probably not about forward.c, but definitely you
+ have to export public stuff using Versions
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-29
+ <bddebian> braunr:
+ <braunr> ugh, inline functions :/
+ <braunr> "Tell hurd_thread_cancel how to unblock us"
+ <braunr> i think you need that one too :p
+ <bddebian> ??
+ <braunr> well, they work in pair
+ <braunr> one cancels, the other notices it
+ <braunr> hurd_thread_cancel is in the hurd though, iirc
+ <braunr> or uh wait
+ <braunr> no it's in glibc, hurd/thread-cancel.c
+ <braunr> otherwise it looks like a correct reuse of the original code, but
+ i need to understand the pthreads internals better to really say anything
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-08-03
+ <braunr> pinotree: what do you think of
+ condition_implies/condition_unimplies ?
+ <braunr> the work on pthread will have to replace those
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-08-06
+ <braunr> bddebian: so, where is the work being done ?
+ <bddebian> braunr: Right now I would just like to testing getting my glibc
+ with pthread_hurd_cond_wait installed on the clubber subhurd. It is in
+ /home/bdefreese/glibc-debian2
+ <braunr> we need a git branch
+ <bddebian> braunr: Then I want to rebuild hurd with Thomas's pthread
+ patches against that new libc
+ <bddebian> Aye
+ <braunr> i don't remember, did thomas set a git repository somewhere for
+ that ?
+ <bddebian> He has one but I didn't have much luck with it since he is using
+ an external libpthreads
+ <braunr> i can manage the branches
+ <bddebian> I was actually patching debian/hurd then adding his patches on
+ top of that. It is in /home/bdefreese/debian-hurd but he has updateds
+ some stuff since then
+ <bddebian> Well we need to agree on a strategy. libpthreads only exists in
+ debian/glibc
+ <braunr> it would be better to have something upstream than to work on a
+ debian specific branch :/
+ <braunr> tschwinge: do you think it can be done
+ <braunr> ?
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-08-07
+ <tschwinge> braunr: You mean to create on Savannah branches for the
+ libpthread conversion? Sure -- that's what I have been suggesting to
+ Barry and Thomas D. all the time.
+ <bddebian> braunr: OK, so I installed my glibc with
+ pthread_hurd_condition_wait in the subhurd and now I have built Debian
+ Hurd with Thomas D's pthread patches.
+ <braunr> bddebian: i'm not sure we're ready for tests yet :p
+ <bddebian> braunr: Why not? :)
+ <braunr> bddebian: a few important bits are missing
+ <bddebian> braunr: Like?
+ <braunr> like condition_implies
+ <braunr> i'm not sure they have been handled everywhere
+ <braunr> it's still interesting to try, but i bet your system won't finish
+ booting
+ <bddebian> Well I haven't "installed" the built hurd yet
+ <bddebian> I was trying to think of a way to test a little bit first, like
+ maybe ext2fs.static or something
+ <bddebian> Ohh, it actually mounted the partition
+ <bddebian> How would I actually "test" it?
+ <braunr> git clone :p
+ <braunr> building a debian package inside
+ <braunr> removing the whole content after
+ <braunr> that sort of things
+ <bddebian> Hmm, I think I killed clubber :(
+ <bddebian> Yep.. Crap! :(
+ <braunr> ?
+ <braunr> how did you do that ?
+ <bddebian> Mounted a new partition with the pthreads ext2fs.static then did
+ an apt-get source hurd to it..
+ <braunr> what partition, and what mount point ?
+ <bddebian> I added a new 2Gb partition on /dev/hd0s6 and set the translator
+ on /home/bdefreese/part6
+ <braunr> shouldn't kill your hurd
+ <bddebian> Well it might still be up but killed my ssh session at the very
+ least :)
+ <braunr> ouch
+ <bddebian> braunr: Do you have debugging enabled in that custom kernel you
+ installed? Apparently it is sitting at the debug prompt.