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notes about cross-building glibc easily
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+## Cross-building glibc from Linux.
+The long-term goal is to get to be able to cross-compile
+glibc. This should be working as per the following:
+ mkdir -p /tmp/build/src
+ cp -a /usr/src/glibc /tmp/build/src/
+ unset CFLAGS
+ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build checkout binutils-2.29 gcc-7.1.0
+ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build host-libraries
+ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build compilers i686-gnu
+ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build glibcs i686-gnu
+Ideally the master branch builds that way. As of January 2018 the goal is first
+to get the sthibaul/hurd-builds branch building.