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2019-03-21UNIX is conventionally referred to as a system, not a kernelMutoShack
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2019-03-20The GNU System is. It is nothing that "will be"MutoShack
2019-03-19Specify what the name 'fsysopts' is short forMutoShack
2019-03-19(no commit message)MutoShack
2019-03-19Change order of commands so that settrans -g is the *last* thing the user doesMutoShack
2019-01-26I added a few paragraphs to the GNU System page.IkiWiki
2019-01-26I added a few more sentences to the libstore page.IkiWiki
2019-01-05Fix using netdde's eth0Samuel Thibault
2018-11-04specific versions of binutils and gcc are not needed any moreSamuel Thibault