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Unify perhaps a thousand paragraphs stating what *the Hurd* is.
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+[[meta title="What Is the GNU Hurd?"]]
+The Hurd is the GNU project's replacement for the [[Unix]] kernel.
+The Hurd is firstly a collection of protocols formalizing how different
+components may interact. The protocols are designed to reduce the mutual
+[[trust]] requirements of the actors thereby permitting a more
+[[extensible|extensibility]] system. These include interface definitions to
+manipulate files and directories and to resolve path names. This allows any
+process to implement a file system. The only requirement is that it have
+access to its backing store and that the [[principal]] that started it own the
+file system node to which it connects.
+The Hurd is also a set of servers that implement these protocols.
+They include file systems, network protocols and authentication.
+The servers run on top of the [[microkernel/Mach]] [[microkernel]] and use
+Mach's [[microkernel/mach/IPC]] mechanism to transfer information.
+The Hurd supplies the last major software component needed for a complete
+[[GNU_operating_system|running/gnu]] as originally conceived by Richard
+M. Stallman (RMS) in 1983. The GNU vision directly drove the creation and has
+guided the evolution of the [Free Software Foundation](, the
+organization that is the home of the [GNU project](
+The Hurd development effort is a somewhat separate project from the
+[[Debian_GNU/Hurd|hurd/running/debian]] port.
+Read about what the GNU Hurd is [[gramatically_speaking]].
+Read about the [[origin_of_the_name]].