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The way it was, it just doesn't make sense while applications are still open... Also, frankly speaking, it sounded a bit silly :-)
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@@ -24,6 +24,12 @@ for which students should apply to [X.Org](
and the [[project_ideas/debian_installer]] task
most likely will be handled by the [Debian organisation](
+If you can't participate as a GSoC student,
+working on one of these projects is still a good opportunity to get started with Hurd development.
+Please read up about [[contributing]] in general;
+and feel free to ask any questions you might have at one of our [[regular_IRC_meetings|IRC#regular_meetings]].
+Generally it's a good idea to [[contact_us|communication]] when starting to work on some project.
# History
In 2006 and [[2007]], we participated in GSoC under the umbrella of the GNU
@@ -36,13 +42,3 @@ project. Read about our five students' success on the [[2008]] page.
The next year, we participated under the GNU umbrella with one slot again.
Read about it on the [[2009]] page.
-# Joining in
-If these successes got you interested in contributing some larger part yourself -
-in your free time or maybe in next years Google Summer of Code -
-please have a look at our [[project_ideas]] and read up about [[contributing]].
-Also, feel free to ask your questions at one of our