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# 2010
-We haven't been accepted as a mentoring organization on our own, but will
-participate under the umbrella of the GNU project.
-Students, have a look at our [[project_ideas]] list and the
+This year we are again participating in [Google Summer of Code](
+under the [GNU umbrella](
+Take a look at our [[project_ideas]] list.
+If you are a student and want to apply for one of these tasks,
+please mind the distinct [[student_application_form]] for the Hurd.
+Note that there are also two [Hurd-related ideas for X.Org](,
+for which students should apply to [X.Org]( as a mentoring organization;
+and the [[project_ideas/debian_installer]] task
+most likely will be handled by the [Debian organisation](
# History