There is a FOSS Factory bounty (p274) on this task.

There are now specialized variants of Debian's libc package, libc0.3-i686 and libc0.3-xen.

On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 11:22:46AM +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:

Thomas Schwinge, le Thu 07 Oct 2010 10:11:07 +0200, a écrit :

Also, this text says ``will be selected instead when running under Xen'' -- is this meant to be automatically done?

It's supposed to be, we need to add support for it.

If so, then it didn't work.

Yes, you need to copy it by hand. Same for libc0.3-i686, we just need to steal the cpuid code from the kfreebsd port of glibc.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-30

<pinotree> other than that, the hwcap system is not working for us yet,
<youpi> no but we'd like to use e.g. cpuid for that
<youpi> like kfreebsd does
<pinotree> do they use cpuid for that?
<pinotree> i kind of lost myself in glibc's loading internals, trying to
  find out where the hwcap bits come from
<youpi> on linux it comes from the kernel
<youpi> on kfreebsd aiui they use cpuid to figure it out from the process
<pinotree> do you have any pointer to the kfreebsd way? iirc i had a look
  in their sysdeps, but found nothing related to that
<youpi> it's in local-sysdeps.diff aiui
<youpi> +dl_platform_kfreebsd_i386_init
<youpi> which fills dl_hwcap
<youpi> called at _dl_sysdep_start
<pinotree> interesting

Having working CPUID code inside glibc is also a prerequisite for proper IFUNC support.