Arch Hurd offers Hurd LiveCDs at

A less recent Live CD can be found at

Arch Hurd also offers a QEMU image. It can be run with QEMU via

$ wget
$ xz -d archhurd-2018.09.28.img.xz
$ kvm -m 1G -drive cache=writeback,file=archhurd-2018.09.28.img

The .img file is useful for running Arch Hurd in a virtual machine. For hardware installations, use the Live CD. When using Arch Hurd in QEMU, the command 'hurd-halt' safely stops the emulation (removing the need for '-no-reboot')

To install the Live CD ISO file in QEMU (instead of using the .img file):

$ wget
$ xz -d hurd-live-install-1273300101.iso.xz
$ qemu -m 512 -cdrom hurd-live-install-1273300101.iso

The LiveCD should be useful for those who want to try out the Hurd before they commit to installing it on their hard disks. In addition to that, the bootable Hurd CDs should enable us to have a native installer instead of relying on Linux.

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