GNU Emacs works pretty well. It works beautifully in X.


Emacs version 29.1 runs on Debian GNU/Hurd. Joshua Branson uses it in X without issue. He use org-mode, gnus, erc, calc, markdown-mode, etc. In fact he, edits this wiki via Debian GNU/Hurd (running on a T43) using Emacs. He is able to make changes to the wiki, render the wiki, look at the resulting webpage with the netsurf web browser, commit the changes, and send a patch to, all while using the Hurd. :)

Also since the Hurd ported rust, you can now use treesitter with Emacs! Joshua got html-ts-mode working.

Emacs also has a packaged eglot, which is a client for language server protocol, into core. Joshua was able to get eglot working for C mode with clandg, but it was a bit slow. Joshua is running Emacs on a T43, with 1.5 GB of RAM, so perhaps his hardware is just super slow.

You can easily install many Emacs packages with apt:

 # apt install elpa-zenburn-theme

Or you can use use-package.