Current issues with copyright assignments:

  • David Michael never started the process.
  • Kalle Olavi Niemitalo (contribution contribution) does not want to assign copyright
  • Olaf Buddenhagen, faced with process issues, gave up around 2016 july 23rd.
  • Brent Baccala (cases #1160318 #1497319): does not want to assign all past+future changes, would rather provide code under a BSD licence, or assign copyright separately for each contribution (request-assign.changes).
  • Sergey Bugaev (case #1722866): sent form on 2021 May 8th, got answer on May 24th, immediately answered that there was an error in the actual family name. Eventually that was fixed, but the papers have the name in an order which is not proper for Russian law. Moved on with it. But hasn't had any answer during august and september. And then he got conscribed and so we won't have any news from him until around november 2022.
  • Luca Dariz (case #1803259): process ongoing, sent form on 2022 Feb 1st, got answer on Feb 11th, pending completion.
  • Various main contributors consider copyright assignment an unnecessary burden, the Hurd being considered as never-to-be-key-software.