A month of the Hurd: some more bug squashing and Google Summer of Code 2010.

This month saw bugs dying as they met hackers like Jérémie, Samuel, or Zheng, Thomas, or Jakub (keeping it to a few ones which were discussed on the bug-hurd mailing list).

Olaf, Thomas and Fredrik wrote and submitted our organization application for the Google Summer of Code 2010. However, Google is asking most GNU projects to work under the GNU project umbrella, so we aren't listed as an organization on our own, but instead will again participate as a subproject of GNU.

Anyway, this organizational detail is not at all important for interested students; you can apply for any of the ideas that are listed on our project ideas page (or come up with your own ideas, of course!) via the GNU project GSoC page. If you apply, please also include the information we're asking for on our student application form. Don't hesitate to contact us beforehand, if there are any questions. We're looking forward to seeing your applications, please send them in before 2010-04-09!