Neal Walfield has submitted a paper to EuroSys 2009 describing how resource management is done in viengoos:

Viengoos: A Framework for Stakeholder-Directed Resource Allocation.

General-purpose operating systems not only fail to provide adaptive applications the information they need to intelligently adapt, but also schedule resources in such a way that were applications to aggressively adapt, resources would be inappropriately scheduled. The problem is that these systems use demand as the primary indicator of utility, which is a poor indicator of utility for adaptive applications.

We present a resource management framework appropriate for traditional as well as adaptive applications. The primary difference from current schedulers is the use of stakeholder preferences in addition to demand. We also show how to revoke memory, compute the amount of memory available to each principal, and account shared memory. Finally, we introduce a prototype system, Viengoos, and present some benchmarks that demonstrate that it can efficiently support multiple aggressively adaptive applications simultaneously.