Check out Viengoos and switch to the viengoos-on-bare-metal branch (all development is currently done on this branch and it will eventually be merged into the master branch):

$ git clone git://
$ cd viengoos
$ git checkout -b viengoos-on-bare-metal origin/viengoos-on-bare-metal

Generate the autoconf environment (note that --force is not specified as we have our own version of config.guess and config.sub):

$ autoreconf -i

Configure a build directory:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure --host=x86_64-pc-viengoos-gnu --with-newlib

Now, build Viengoos. Running make the first time will automatically fetch binutils and gcc from the Internet and build a cross compiler. Running make again will build the Viengoos proper. Again, the build process with fetch several tarballs including Newlib, the Boehm GC and Sqlite.

$ make
The cross compiler is now set-up.  Re-run `make' and proceed as usual.
make[2]: Leaving directory `.../viengoos/build'
make[1]: Leaving directory `.../viengoos/build'
$ make

Booting Using QEMU

To boot Viengoos, use Grub 2. You cannot use Grub Legacy: Viengoos is an ELF64 executable, which Grub Legacy does not support.

First, check out Grub 2 from svn:

$ svn co svn://
$ cd grub2

Before building Grub 2, you should apply the following patch, which makes it easy to tell Grub to load a specific grub.cfg at start up (details).

$ wget -O /dev/stdout | patch -p0

Next, build Grub 2:

$ ./
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure --prefix=`pwd`/../install
$ make && make install

Create the boot disk:

$ cd ../install
$ bin/grub-mkrescue boot.img  --configfile="(hd0,1)/grub.cfg" --image-type=floppy --modules='help reboot serial multiboot pc configfile normal boot fat'

Now, create /viengoos and link viengoos and hieronymus into that directory:

$ mkdir /viengoos
$ cd /viengoos
$ ln -s ~/viengoos/build/viengoos/viengoos.stripped viengoos
$ ln -s ~/viengoos/build/hieronymus/hieronymus.stripped hieronymus

Also, create a grub.cfg file in /viengoos/grub.cfg:

set timeout=1
set default=0
set root=hd0,1

menuentry "Viengoos" {
    multiboot /viengoos -D 3 -o serial
    module /hieronymus

NB: If you edit grub.cfg and a backup file called grub.cfg~ is created, qemu will use grub.cfg~ instead of grub.cfg! Thus, after editing grub.cfg, be sure to delete any grub.cfg~ file!

Finally, boot!

$ qemu-system-x86_64 -serial stdio -fda ~/grub2/install/boot.img -hda fat:/viengoos -boot a

By default, Hieronymus is configured to load ruth, a test suite. Ruth can take a long time to complete.