The ufs translator supports some kind of the Unix File System. Beware, we're not aware of anybody having used/tested it in ages, so maybe it is very broken and will eat your data.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-30

<Arne`> There might be a copyright problem: <nalaginrut> well, there seems
  BSD-4clauses in the code:
<Arne`> braunr, tschwinge: Do you have any info on that? 4-clause BSD and
  GPL on the same code are a license incompatibility… 
<tschwinge> Arne`: I've put it onto my (long) TODO list.
<tschwinge> Easiest solution might be: rm -rf ufs.
<nalaginrut> will these affected code rewritten? or just modify license?
<mark_weaver> only the regents of the University of California could choose
  to modify the license.
<youpi> nalaginrut: one can't modify a licence if one is not the author
<youpi> we can simply dump the code
<mark_weaver> s/author/owner/
<tschwinge> As I suppose ufs is unused/untested for a decade or so, I'd
  have no issues with simply removing it from the tree, together with
  ufs-fsck and ufs-utils.
<pinotree> tschwinge: or maybe extract the ufs stuff in an own repo, to be
  imported as branch in incubator or own hurd/ufs.git?
<tschwinge> Sure, why not.