fsysopts, or FileSYStemOPTions, Gets or sets command line options for a running translator.

See translators.

A Simple Example

$ touch hello
$ cat hello
$ settrans hello /hurd/hello
$ cat hello
"Hello World!"
$ fsysopts hello
/hurd/hello --contents='Hello World!
$ fsysopts hello --contents='Hello GNU!
> '
$ cat hello
Hello GNU!

Open Issues

Not all translators support fsysopts:

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-05-23

<braunr> work around this by using showtrans
<braunr> fsysopts asks the server itself how it's running, usually giving
  its command name and options
<braunr> showtrans asks the parent how it starts a passive translator
  attached to the node
<gnu_srs> Yes showtrans works :), thanks.