/!\ Obsolete /!\

This is no longer valid as a Google Summer of Code project; existing work needs to be integrated first.

GDB is available and working on GNU Hurd. However, there are some bugs and there is missing functionality compared to a port targeting the Linux kernel (Open Issue GDB, diff of testresults). For example, there is no port of gdbserver available yet. Identifying (together with the mentors), and then addressing one or a few of these items is the goal of this project.

Required knowledge: Have an understanding about how GDB works generally, how it interacts with an operating system. Some GNU Mach and Hurd knowledge will have to be acquired while working on the project.

Possible mentors: Thomas Schwinge (tschwinge).

Exercise: Begin writing a document to describe how the GNU Hurd port of GDB works internally, how it interacts with the Hurd system, and compare it to a port targeting the Linux kernel. Fix one of the Open Issues or testsuite failures.