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2024-01-05Point to the eventual hurd-amd64 repositorySamuel Thibault
2024-01-04Actually enable interfaceSamuel Thibault
2023-12-18hint to use a nicer shellSamuel Thibault
2023-12-18The example grub config doesn't use uuid any more for simplicitySamuel Thibault
2023-10-29Add 64bit pbuilder notesSamuel Thibault
2023-10-2564bit: Set default boot entry in grubSamuel Thibault
2023-10-22Note about debootstrapping 64bit from debian-portsSamuel Thibault
2023-10-06Document how to build a bootable systemSamuel Thibault
2023-10-0364bit: updateSamuel Thibault
2023-09-28typoSamuel Thibault
2023-08-1564bit: avoid enabling core dumping for nowSamuel Thibault
2023-08-09Add link to pre-built 64bit imageSamuel Thibault
2023-08-08Make sure to include the debian-keyring package in the 64bit imageSamuel Thibault
2023-08-08Update 64bit instructionsSamuel Thibault
2023-06-10Note that pre-dependency warnings are ok in debootstrapSamuel Thibault
2023-05-28Note about expected warningsSamuel Thibault
2023-05-28Fix getting log in the backgroundSamuel Thibault
2023-05-28Watch debootstrap precise logSamuel Thibault
2023-05-20Note the version of debootstrap that has native fixesSamuel Thibault
2023-05-19Complete documentation on 64bit debootstrapSamuel Thibault
2023-05-13Also mention the crosshurd way to install hurd-amd64Samuel Thibault
2023-05-12Note how to debootstrap a hurd-amd64 chrootSamuel Thibault
2021-09-18master-x86_64 does not really contain more than masterSamuel Thibault
2018-12-30I tweaked the open-issues/64-bit port. I inlined the faq (Is there is 64-bit ...Joshua Branson
2018-11-08I am adding Richard's comment about mach's memory management issue to the ope...Joshua Branson
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