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2021-08-18Make sure the passive translator accesses the proper ftp: nodeSamuel Thibault
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2021-08-18Fix missing slashSamuel Thibault
2019-03-27Added titleMutoShack
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2019-03-19Change order of commands so that settrans -g is the *last* thing the user doesMutoShack
2018-11-01I added a sentence that mentioned how the Hurd has preliminary sound support ...Joshua Branson
2015-10-11[ADA4HURD] - result of attempt_create_file implementationXavier Grave
2015-10-11[ADA4HURD] test result of create file with echoXavier Grave
2015-08-14[ADA4HURD] mkdir test for netfs_baseXavier Grave
2015-08-09report result of an unimplemented mkdirXavier Grave
2015-07-11[ADA4HURD] report of 4rd write try with first write implementation, seems OKXavier Grave
2015-07-11[ADA4HURD] report of 3rd write try with set size minimal implementationXavier Grave
2015-07-11[ADA4HURD] report of 2nd write try with tree with 0755 permissionXavier Grave
2015-07-11[ADA4HURD] report of write tryXavier Grave
2015-07-10[ADA4HURD] report of read implementationXavier Grave
2015-07-10[ADA4HURD] read try results on netfs Ada bindingxavier grave
2015-05-29[ADA4HURD] update of results for depth parameter set to 3Xavier Grave
2015-05-29[ADA4HURD] minor update of results for get_dirents implementationXavier Grave
2015-05-16[ADA4HURD] update results for get_dirents implementationXavier Grave
2015-04-22[Ada4Hurd] Netfs exploration : after attempt_lookup implementationXavier Grave
2015-04-13[ada4hurd] add cd node resultsXavier Grave
2015-04-13add ada4hurd basic documentationXavier Grave
2011-07-22documentation/translator_primer: Be clearer about the actual meaning of settr...antrik
2011-07-19typoArne Babenhauserheide
2011-07-19hurd/documentation/translator_primer: Stress remote even more.Thomas Schwinge
2011-07-19Add an ISO file mount exampleSamuel Thibault
2011-07-16Properly integrate the translator primer.Thomas Schwinge
2011-07-16Added a small translator primer; copied from the text I wrote for the babhurd...Arne Babenhauserheide
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