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@@ -33,3 +34,45 @@ system call is implemented (primarily by means of [[RPC]]) inside [[glibc]].
provide system services
<braunr> e.G. open() is a call to a file system server (and maybe several
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-11-02
+ <Hiryu> how do system calls work in the hurd?
+ <Hiryu> is it like in linux
+ <braunr> yes and no
+ <Hiryu> you set the number in %eax and then in0x80?
+ <Hiryu> int, even
+ <braunr> no
+ <braunr> but that's really a detail
+ <Hiryu> I'm just curious how the flow goes
+ <braunr> gnumach uses call gates, not interrupt gates
+ <braunr> but that's just another way to enter the kernel
+ <braunr> the mechanism itself is almost irrelevant, it matters only for
+ performances
+ <Hiryu> ah
+ <braunr> what's truely interesting is that there are very few system calls
+ <Hiryu> so it goes straight to gnumach, which then figures out where to
+ relay the call to?
+ <braunr> the main one being mach_msg
+ <braunr> yes
+ <braunr> one of the arguments to mach_msg is the name of a right
+ <braunr> (as file descriptors are names for open files)
+ <Hiryu> hmm okay, so we get to the kernel, go to a kernel server (one
+ context switch), then get back to the calling process, and that's 2
+ context switches per system call?
+ <braunr> a receive right or send right
+ <braunr> no
+ <braunr> if you send-recv, it's only one
+ <braunr> but i'm not sure we do that on the hurd
+ <braunr> again, that's a detail
+ <Hiryu> what is send-recv?
+ <braunr> send and receive in the same system call
+ <Hiryu> hmm
+ <braunr> then, we also use system calls to denote the unix-like RPCs of the
+ hurd
+ <braunr> i mean
+ <braunr> i also call them system calls
+ <braunr> for example, read, write, stat, etc..
+ <Hiryu> I see
+ <Hiryu> braunr: thanks