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+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-07-25
+ < youpi> Mmm, typing something on the mach console triggers a write on the
+ disk
+ < youpi> because the /dev/console node gets updated
+ < youpi> I don't really see why
+ < youpi> (yes, just typing at the bash prompt, not even running something)
+ < youpi> typing during the sleep command (i.e. mere tty echo) doesn't
+ trigger it, however
+ < youpi> running bash's echo does trigger it
+ < braunr> during sleep, the glibc stream functions handle I/O, while with
+ bash, its readline takes care of it, right ?
+ < youpi> /bin/echo too
+ < youpi> during sleep it's the tty process which handles I/O
+ < braunr> the write may be due to a write time update on the inode
+ < braunr> modification* time
+ < youpi> probably yes, but how so?
+ < youpi> ext2fs is only supposed to pass the thing to the console
+ translator
+ < braunr> not sure
+ < youpi> actually, ext2fs even isn't supposed to come into play when it's
+ about typing at the bash prompt
+ < youpi> once it's opened, isn't the port for /dev/console supposed to be
+ directly to the translator there?
+ < braunr> i think so
+ < youpi> (s/tty/term/ in what I said)
+ < braunr> well, it's certain
+ < youpi> so I don't see how ext2fs can be triggered to write an atime or
+ mtime
+ < braunr> what does rpctrace say ?
+ < youpi> io_read_request and io_write_request
+ < youpi> braunr: it doesn't happen at the login prompt
+ < youpi> interestingly, atime is always 3-4 secs earlier than ctime & mtime
+ < youpi> doesn't happen with dash
+ < braunr> we should implement relatime and experiment with it
+ < braunr> it shouldn't be hard
+ < youpi> well, there's noatime already
+ < youpi> but my point is that this update shouldn't happen
+ < youpi> and I believe it's the source of the i_file_acl e2fsck warning
+ < braunr> i wasn't saying that concerning this problem, it was just a
+ separate idea (noatime is more problematic than relatime)
+ < braunr> and i agree, it shouldn't happen :)
+ < youpi> ok, it's set_node_times which gets called
+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-07-27
+ < antrik> BTW, I'm not sure it's still relevant; but the reason accessing
+ translators such as the console modifies the underlying node is that most
+ stat information is generally passed through
+ < antrik> (in some cases it might be unintentional though, simply using the
+ default implementation from trivfs carelessly...)
+ < youpi> I know
+ < youpi> I've seen that in the code
+ < antrik> OK
+ < youpi> it is still relevant: I still find it useless to write it on the
+ disk
+ < youpi> though w uses it to show idle time over reboot
+ < braunr> is it useful to keep the information across reboots ?
+ < youpi> for some value of "useful" for w
+ < braunr> i wonder what would break if this was entierly kept in memory
+ < youpi> nothing, probably
+ < youpi> note that it doesn't overload ext2fs so much, it just adds a write
+ every ~5s
+ < youpi> (at worse, i.e. when keeping showing text, for instance)
+ < braunr> indeed, the behaviour seems the same on linux
+ < antrik> ah... that explains why the disk doesn't spin down while IRC is
+ active... always wondered about that :-)
+ < youpi> that's not very power-saving, yes
+ < youpi> well, we might want to put /dev on ram someday