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-IRC, #hurdfr, 2010-09-20
+# IRC, freenode, #hurdfr, 2010-09-20
<youpi> tu peux compiler ton gnumach pour qu'il utilise la console série, et tu
mets le port série sur la console qemu
@@ -50,3 +51,56 @@ IRC, #hurdfr, 2010-09-20
<youpi> pour xen j'ai mis £ comme raccourcis
<manuel> ça me paraît plus simple dans ce cas
<youpi> clin d'œil à la société anglaise :)
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-20
+ <gg0> 04:06:45< gg0> ok a configuration that works w/o patching anything is
+ 9600 7S1 [ 7bits - parity Space - 1 stopbit ]
+ <gg0> 04:07:57< gg0> it displays correctly gnumach, ext2fs and following
+ outputs
+ <gg0> 04:28:05< gg0> youpi: instead if you want a patch, this one makes
+ gnumach default to 8N1. someone should still implement serial line
+ settings for ext2fs though
+ <gg0> seems something broke it later
+ <gg0> or it never worked on real hardware
+ <braunr> we definitely want it to work with 8N1
+ <gg0> never had problems with _virtual_ serial consoles
+ <gg0> never = during last 2 years = since
+ <gg0> but i don't think i was on real hardware at that time
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-21
+ <gg0> yeah, i have one rebuilt trying to fix serial console (already give
+ up)
+ <teythoon> what were you trying to fix ?
+ <gg0> i didn't fix anything but it's been useful somehow :)
+ <gg0> this one
+ <gg0> initial messages from mach/hurd outputs like there was no line feed
+ <gg0> each line overwrites previous one
+ <gg0> then ext2fs outputs garbage
+ <gg0> then openrc start outputting fine
+ <gg0> minicom 9600 8N1
+ <teythoon> this is from a real machine ?
+ <gg0> yep real machine
+ <teythoon> nice :)
+ <gg0> i fixed last line, last garbage, by switching c: from 38400 to 9600
+ in inittab
+ <teythoon> i've a vt510 terminal connected to my hurd box, and i started to
+ make the serial setting in gnumach more configurable
+ <gg0> and disabling T0
+ <teythoon> didn't finish it though
+ <gg0> physical vt510 connected to virtual hurd box?
+ <teythoon> no, it's a real box as well
+ <gg0> good. and does it behave as described/pasted above?
+ <teythoon> currently i do not put the mach console on the serial line
+ <teythoon> b/c it has a fixed baud rate of 9600
+ <teythoon> and both grub and the getty are configured at a higher speed
+ <teythoon> hence my desire to improve gnumachs serial port setup
+ <gg0> i don't care much about speed. such no-line-feed behavior is quite
+ annoying though
+ <gg0> i thought it was related to CRMOD which afaiu should translate cr to
+ cr-lf, but i was surely missing something
+ <gg0> (annoying till one does ^A-A to make minicom add line feeds itself)