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+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-10-12:
+ <ArneBab> we have a mission statement:
+ <Gorodish> yes
+ <Gorodish> but it's quite wishy washy
+ <Gorodish> considering all the elegant capability Hurd potentially has to
+ offer
+ <antrik> Gorodish: it's true that the mission statement is very
+ abstract... but then, it's hard to put anything more specific into 35
+ words
+ <Gorodish> not with some practice
+ <Gorodish> I notice programers tend to speak and write in terms of what
+ something does
+ <Gorodish> not what it is
+ <Gorodish> the "What is Hurd" is a good example
+ <Gorodish> there's a lot of interesting information there
+ <Gorodish> but the way it's ordered is odd
+ <antrik> a mission statement is not primarily a PR instrument; but rather a
+ guide that allows separating things that benefit the common goal from
+ things that don't...
+ <antrik> I agree that some actual marketing material in addition would be
+ nice :-)
+ <Gorodish> yes
+ <Gorodish> the modesty of Developers that work on FOSS projects never
+ ceases to amaze me
+ <Gorodish> I agree that the informational, factual, results oriented
+ documentation is the primary objective of documenting