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+`#hurd`, 2010-01-24
+ <pinotree> youpi: hm, thought about the pthread/stubs issue w/ dlopen'ed libraries
+ <pinotree> currently looks like libstdc++ on hurd links to pthread-stubs, we're the only one with such configuration
+ <pinotree> i was looking at the gcc 4.4 patch hurd-pthread.diff, could it be it does not set THREADLIBS in the switch case?
+ <youpi> that's expected
+ <youpi> on linux the libc provides hooks itself, on hurd-i386 it's pthread-stubs
+ <pinotree> why not explicitly link to pthread though?
+ <youpi> because there is no strict need to, for applications that don't need libpthread
+ <youpi> the dlopen case is a tricky case that pthread-stubs had not thought about
+ <pinotree> hm
+ <pinotree> what if the pthread stubs would be moved in our glibc?
+ <youpi> that's what we should do yes
+ <youpi> (ideally)
+ <youpi> but for this we need to build libpthread along glibc, to get it really working
+ <youpi> and that's the tricky part (Makefile & such) which hasn't been done yet
+ <pinotree> why both (stubs + actual libpthread)?
+ <youpi> because you need the stubs to be able to call the actual libpthread
+ <youpi> as soon libpthread gets dlopened for instance
+ <youpi> +as
+ <pinotree> i see
+ <youpi> (remember that nptl does this if you want to see how)
+ <youpi> (it's the libc files in nptl/)
+ <youpi> (and forward.c)
+ <guillem> also if libpthreads gets integrated with glibc don't we need to switch the hurd from cthreads then? Which has been the blocker all this time AFAIR?
+ <youpi> we don't _need_ to
+ <guillem> ok