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of a "message server" à la dmesg
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-12-10
+ <youpi> braunr: unable to adjust libports thread priority: (ipc/send)
+ invalid destination port
+ <youpi> I'll see what package brought that
+ <youpi> (that was on a buildd)
+ <braunr> wow
+ <youpi> mkvtoolnix_5.9.0-1:
+ <pinotree> shouldn't that code be done in pthreads and then using such
+ pthread api? :p
+ <braunr> pinotree: you've already asked that question :p
+ <pinotree> i know :p
+ <braunr> the semantics of pthreads are larger than what we need, so that
+ will be done "later"
+ <braunr> but this error shouldn't happen
+ <braunr> it looks more like a random mach bug
+ <braunr> youpi: anything else on the console ?
+ <youpi> nope
+ <braunr> i'll add traces to know which step causes the error
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-12-05
+ <braunr> tschwinge: i'm currently working on a few easy bugs and i have
+ planned improvements for libpthreads soon
+ <pinotree> wotwot, which ones?
+ <braunr> pinotree: first, fixing pthread_cond_timedwait (and everything
+ timedsomething actually)
+ <braunr> pinotree: then, fixing cancellation
+ <braunr> pinotree: and last but not least, optimizing thread wakeup
+ <braunr> i also want to try replacing spin locks and see if it does what i
+ expect
+ <pinotree> which fixes do you plan applying to cond_timedwait?
+ <braunr> see sysdeps/generic/pt-cond-timedwait.c
+ <braunr> the FIXME comment
+ <pinotree> ah that
+ <braunr> well that's important :)
+ <braunr> did you have something else in mind ?
+ <pinotree> hm, __pthread_timedblock... do you plan fixing directly there? i
+ remember having seem something related to that (but not on conditions),
+ but wasn't able to see further
+ <braunr> it has the same issue
+ <braunr> i don't remember the details, but i wrote a cthreads version that
+ does it right
+ <braunr> in the io_select_timeout branch
+ <braunr> see
+ for example
+ * pinotree looks
+ <braunr> what matters is the msg_delivered member used to synchronize
+ sleeper and waker
+ <braunr> the waker code is in
+ <pinotree> never seen cthreads' code before :)
+ <braunr> soon you shouldn't have any more reason to :p
+ <pinotree> ah, so basically the cthread version of the pthread cleanup
+ stack + cancelation (ie the cancel hook) broadcasts the condition
+ <braunr> yes
+ <pinotree> so a similar fix would be needed in all the places using
+ __pthread_timedblock, that is conditions and mutexes
+ <braunr> and that's what's missing in glibc that prevents deploying a
+ pthreads based hurd currently
+ <braunr> no that's unrelated
+ <pinotree> ok
+ <braunr> the problem is how __pthread_block/__pthread_timedblock is
+ synchronized with __pthread_wakeup
+ <braunr> libpthreads does exactly the same thing as cthreads for that,
+ i.e. use messages
+ <braunr> but the message alone isn't enough, since, as explained in the
+ FIXME comment, it can arrive too late
+ <braunr> it's not a problem for __pthread_block because this function can
+ only resume after receiving a message
+ <braunr> but it's a problem for __pthread_timedblock which can resume
+ because of a timeout
+ <braunr> my solution is to add a flag that says whether a message was
+ actually sent, and lock around sending the message, so that the thread
+ resume can accurately tell in which state it is
+ <braunr> and drain the message queue if needed
+ <pinotree> i see, race between the "i stop blocking because of timeout" and
+ "i stop because i got a message" with the actual check for the real cause
+ <braunr> locking around mach_msg may seem overkill but it's not in
+ practice, since there can only be one message at most in the message
+ queue
+ <braunr> and i checked that in practice by limiting the message queue size
+ and check for such errors
+ <braunr> but again, it would be far better with mutexes only, and no spin
+ locks
+ <braunr> i wondered for a long time why the load average was so high on the
+ hurd under even "light" loads
+ <braunr> now i know :)