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document the X session termination issue
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+The X server does not terminate when the user X session is finished. This is due
+to xinit not being able to kill the setuid Xorg.
+On the sending side, glibc does:
+ err = HURD_MSGPORT_RPC (__proc_getmsgport (proc, pid, &msgport),
+ (taskerr = __proc_pid2task (proc, pid,
+ &refport)) ?
+ __proc_getsidport (proc, &refport) : 0, 1,
+ kill_port (msgport, refport));
+ }
+I.e. asks proc for the task port, and if that fails, asks proc for the
+session port, then it sends the signal.
+It happens that since the target got setuid'ed, the proc server had set it
+owned by root, and hence (rightfully) refuses to return the task port through
+pid2task. As a result only proc_getsidport() works, but that will be accepted
+by the receiving side only for some signals.
+POSIX says
+ For a process to have permission to send a signal to a process designated
+ by pid, unless the sending process has appropriate privileges, the real or
+ effective user ID of the sending process shall match the real or saved
+ set-user-ID of the receiving process.
+And indeed Xorg keeps the original user uid as real uid, so that xinit can kill
+it when the session is finished.
+We probably need to implement another reference port that the killer can send to
+the killee. It may be useful for some other operations that users can do on the
+setuid processes they have started.