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+IRC, #hurd, 2009-08-25
+ <cfhammar> also I fixed (what I think is) a bug in hurd_file_name_lookup_retry when opening FDs with FS_RETRY_MAGIC
+ <cfhammar> it didn't actually reopen the FD, rather it just (effectively) duped it
+ <scolobb> cfhammar: That's great! I think I had some problems because of not being able to truly reopen a port to a file.
+ <antrik> cfhammar: what is the difference, and why do you consider it a bug?...
+ <cfhammar> antrik: for one thing you can't change open modes, and it doesn't reset the file cursor
+ <cfhammar> (which I actually needed, though I could have done it manually)
+ <cfhammar> antrik: and also it isn't consistant with linux
+ <cfhammar> you can trigger the bug from the shell: cat /dev/fd/3 3>> /tmp/foo
+ <antrik> cfhammar: I can't say that I understand the test case... but I can at least confirm that it behaves differently on Hurd and on Linux :-)