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Issues with glibc's ptrace.
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+`ptrace` has some issues (`sysdeps/mach/hurd/ptrace.c`).
+ * Our implementation (and the generic one in `misc/ptrace.c`) differ
+ from the Linux one (`sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ptrace.c`)
+ w.r.t. handling of...
+ * the third argument: `int data` vs. `void *data`;
+ * `void *addr2` -- Linux doesn't have this, but we provide some
+ additional functionalty using this;
+ * function declaration: Linux has **`long`** `int ptrace (enum
+ __ptrace_request __request, ...)` **`__THROW`**, we have `int ptrace
+ (enum __ptrace_request __request, ...)`;
+ * interface do differ, e.g., Linux' `PTRACE_GETREGS` uses `void
+ *data`, we use `void *addr` for returning the struct, and in
+ Linux this is a `struct user_regs_struct` from `linux/user.h`,
+ and for us it is a `struct i386_thread_state` from
+ `mach/i386/thread_status.h`;
+ * Linux probides some functionality that we don't provide, e.g.,
+ * Some parts are wrongly implemented, e.g., `PTRACE_GETREGS` and
+ `PTRACE_SETREGS` both do the same thing.
+ * `return` values are wrong, e.g., `return EOPNOTSUPP` should instead
+ set `errno = EOPNOTSUPP` and `return -1` in a few places (but not
+ with the three `PTRACE_PEEK*` requests.
+Also consider the `sysdeps/generic/sys/ptrace.h` and
+`sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/sys/ptrace.h` files.