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+# Open Issues
+`threads = yes` is set in `debian/sysdeps/` and
+`debian/sysdeps/`, `debian/sysdeps/` set to `no`. But this
+is only read in `debian/rules` for deciding some `nscd` package issue?
+`debian/sysdeps/`'s `libc_extra_install` for ``: check with GCC
+Could add a toggle to `$(stamp)build_%` in `debian/rules.d/` to skip
+locale stuff.
+# Building
+Run `debian/rules patch` to apply patches (instead of having it done during the
+build). Then you can edit files manually.
+Several passes: `libc`, `i686`, `xen`; `EGLIBC_PASSES='libc i686'`, etc.
+If building with `EGLIBC_PASSES=libc` (more specifically, without `xen`), the
+`libc0.3-dev_extra_pkg_install` rule in `debian/sysdeps/` will
+fail. (Same for `libc6-dev_extra_pkg_install` in `debian/sysdeps/`, for
+example.) Why is this special handling only done for `xen`, but not for
+Do `export LC_ALL=C` before building, otherwise the testsuite/make error
+messages will be different from those stored in the
+`debian/testsuite-checking/expected-results-*` files.
+Run `debian/rules build-arch DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=parallel=2 [EGLIBC_PASSES=...]`.
+Can stop with `C-c` during locale stuff or testsuite if only interested in the
+build tree.