General information about the glibc.

For information about how the glibc integrates into the system, see sections 2.1 and 2.5 of the critique.

Hurd-specific API.

Debugging glibc.


The long-term goal is to get to be able to cross-compile glibc. This should be working as per the following:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/build/src
$ cp -a /usr/src/glibc /tmp/build/src/
$ unset CFLAGS
$ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build checkout
$ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build host-libraries
$ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build compilers i686-gnu
$ /tmp/build/src/glibc/scripts/ /tmp/build glibcs i686-gnu

Currently the master branch builds that way without any testsuite issue.


One of the tests really put boxes on its knees:

$ echo "tests-unsupported += test-lfs" >> sysdeps/mach/hurd/i386/Makefile

One can build libc this way:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ unset CFLAGS
$ ../configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ make check -k

One can run tests with the new libc by hand:

$ ./ ~/test