How to create the configure file [add how to install gnuMig]
The problem wasn't described. I executed the command successfully. Seems fixed to me now.
update slides link
update link
add slides link
Mention FOSDEM 2019 talk
I added a few paragraphs to the GNU System page.
I added a few more sentences to the libstore page.
I added a concrete example to the capability page.
I merged some tiny details from the old faq to the new faq. I also removed any questions and answers from the old faq that the new faq already answers.
Note the 32bit vs 64bit difference
Note the existing work
Note that it's a difficult task
Fix using netdde's eth0
Changing "manpower" to a more inclusive term, inline with GNU communication guidelines
I added in a q4 qoth. PCI arbiter and other changes.
I fixed a typo on the mig documentation page. espacially -> especially.
I tweaked the open-issues/64-bit port. I inlined the faq (Is there is 64-bit version? page). I added a link to the GNU Mach x86_64 branch. I also added some emphasis to some lines. And I corrected a link to debian's jenkins.
fix links
Add missing links to talks
Fix some details on RPCs
I added mach_msg to the gnumach syscall page. I tried to add some more information to the rpc and syscall pages.
Fix setting the NUL caracter
I added some color to the anatomy image.
An inkscape image on the anatomy of a hurd system page.
I added some detail to the open_issues/pci_possibilities page.
Some mini edits for the contributing and dde pages.
I am adding Richard's comment about mach's memory management issue to the open issues gnumach memory management page.
I also added a link to the 64-bit port on the 830MB RAM limit page.
Fix hurd-dbgsym packagename
specific versions of binutils and gcc are not needed any more
I am trying to clean up the anatomy of a hurd system webpage.
cgit -> git I added some info on the systemd and Upstart pages. I added some links to other multiserver OSs. some tweaks to the systemd and upstart wiki pages. more info added to the genode OS page. I added a GNU Shepherd page.
link to Debian GNU/Hurd 2017 release
Add Debian 2017 release
I added a sentence that mentioned how the Hurd has preliminary sound support in the status page. I gave a simple fsysopts example to with the hello translator. I added an fsysopts example to the translator_primer webpage.
Documentation page now shows how to download all of the irc logs. the lwip page now mentions Joan's blog. Apparently -redir option is deprecated. -net user,hostfwd= is the one to use.
lack of ppp is not necessarily a problem per se, it's maintenance which is a concern
I explained that the gopherfs is defunct and pointed to the httpfs page. I mentioned that the xattr work is now finished. I added some commentary on the deficiencies page.
I created a new lwip translator page. It is bare minimum, and it probably is not completely accurate about how to start the translator.
I fixed two misspellings. I combined the information in the "instant development environment" and the running the hurd in qemu page.
* I modified tcp_ip_stack to reflect that lwip should replace pfinet.
* I modified open_issues/device_drivers_and_io_systems to include rump kernel.
* I created a rump kernel wiki page, and I linked to it from the project_ideas/tcp_ip_stack webpage.
* I added an obsolete logo to the DDE page, to pointe people to the Rump kernel page.
Add GNU Guile room talk
Add latest fosdem talks
* I restructured open issue wine to show that wine mostly works.
* I added a current status to the physical memory management wiki page.
Alioth is no more
document which posix version supports realpath(NULL)
Resolve incompatibility in "getfield" and "texinfo" plugins
... seen with recent versions of Perl:
Failed to load plugin IkiWiki::Plugin::getfield: Unescaped left brace in regex is illegal here in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/{{ <-- HERE \$([-\w/]+#)?[-\w]+}}/ at [...]/.library/IkiWiki/Plugin/ line 68.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 94) line 1.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 94) line 1.
SSH: PTY allocation request failed
Remove old non-existing download area
drop useless step
Document how to build upstream glibc
execstack issue was xfailed
plts are fixed
open_issues/gcc: Cilk Plus, and Intel MPX support have been removed in GCC trunk
Document the remaining issues
Update qemu image URLs
thanks Svante for the notice
Merge commit '55f878869fda47b7897e2d866aca2eac4d0c7168'
As part of the merge, add copyright and licensing headers, and apply a few more
minor changes.
Revert "I will read it soon but i want to find out if hurd supports hpet,acpi"
This reverts commit 8545598ee199e6990e1fc6409220481947d5dcf9.
The "new" Gmane no longer provides Message-Id lookup
..., so switch to "The Mail Archive",
Further clean up list of Google Summer of Code project ideas
Merge commit 'ab97868f7e5097ce6d141c7783c1e07eaa9c4ba1'; commit 'eda7364b16b318c7209e60b9699d672cc599e040'; commit 'f93aada69b0c8e147363ac317866d78a24eb9bfc'
Revert page removals of "Update gsoc ideas"
..., to avoid breaking existing links. Instead, mark as obsolete.
This reverts parts of commit 4f15828febdea054993b2c21f62530c17ce3adea.
Revert page removal of "Drop physical memory management project"
..., to avoid breaking existing links. Instead, mark as obsolete.
This reverts parts of commit 371a782cd09a6f0c7f9f99cf336351635c6fa7c9.
Revert page removal of "Drop xattr project idea, it's done"
..., to avoid breaking existing links. Instead, mark as obsolete.
This reverts parts of commit a6844c659acd25e913b1d20e48610765352bd10e.
Merge commit '96dba7ef358153dd1a608ab45f52226d08d62e3c'
As part of the merge, fix some typos, adjust copyright headers, and apply a few
more minor changes.
New Year procedure
2017, and 2018.
* community/gsoc/project_ideas/tcp_ip_stack.mdwn
I mentioned that lwip was recently ported to the hurd.
rearrange filenames
Note where the signals thread is created
add initialization details
document the libc startup dance
/proc/self is done
notes about cross-building glibc easily
No login common issue
qt-at-spi poses problem too
mention the mach branch names
I will read it soon but i want to find out if hurd supports hpet,acpi
Add a Wiki hack.
Add anchor so that we can link to the small hacks list.
Update project with presentation and exercise.
Describe how to use existing images for subhurds
document ssh port forwarding
Revert ""
This reverts commit e667d67ef97336cb7e592ccb63858c2d7946dde8.
Revert ""
This reverts commit 300038bec104687cf63288054418ebe9ff73da38.
Revert ""
This reverts commit fdaeb030dbb45153c643345443ae7f05e680a662.
Revert ""
This reverts commit ecf2a7a7a7acbdc235c0737c4c45b0dee2af9c32.
Revert ""
This reverts commit 504fd1f10c8a40575e10b707203c9686452212ea.