BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fix-ipc-space-locking-2015-08-15kern: use a general lock for the IPC structuresJustus Winter4 years
justus/dde-0CleanupsJustus Winter3 years
pmm-2015-07-27funny, this makes the diskpager work a little moreJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-12fix vm_page initializationJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-14the object is locked, i checkedJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-15the object is locked, i checkedJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-16codify locking contractsJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-26the object is locked, i checkedJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-08-28yyy interestingJustus Winter4 years
pmm-2015-09-25vm/page: please have a lookJustus Winter4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-07-25kern: add boot-time clock, use it for time stampsHEADmasterJustus Winter
2015-07-25include: provide time-value substractionJustus Winter
2015-07-25kern/lock: make sure the macros are only used on simple locksJustus Winter
2015-07-25Disable the kernel tracing system XPRJustus Winter
2015-07-25ipc/space: inline reference countingJustus Winter
2015-07-25Make sure the field offsets are updatedJustus Winter
2015-07-20kern/bootstrap: deallocate threadJustus Winter
2015-07-19kern/bootstrap: deallocate taskJustus Winter
2015-07-18linux/net: fix build with -O0Justus Winter
2015-07-18kern/printf: do not serialize printf and coJustus Winter