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2008-11-20ikiwiki.setup: New file.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-05This is no longer only a wiki, but will be the official pages.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-04Enable the txt plugin.Thomas Schwinge
2007-12-10render_locally (src): Make the path symlink-free.Thomas Schwinge
2007-11-08Activate the `texinfo' plugin.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Add (and enable) a `copyright' plugin, a copy of the `license' one.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-21Enable the `html' plugin.Thomas Schwinge
2007-09-04Make it work for paths starting with `..'.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30Enable `table' plugin.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30First version of a `license' plugin. Use it.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-30Add ``TMPL_VAR LICENSE''.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-28Allow for passing additional parameters.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-12Add a sidebar.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-09Add a favicon.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-09Add the `goodstuff' plugins.Thomas Schwinge
2007-08-09A shell script to ``render the pages of this repository for your local browsi...Thomas Schwinge