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2020-04-01Add thinking about running rump for the / filesystemSamuel Thibault
2019-10-13I am adding more information to the SMP page. I am mainly copying it from ↵Joshua Branson
2019-09-05Fix typoMutoShack
2019-09-05Fix typoMutoShack
2019-02-19(no commit message)Ahsan
2019-01-05Fix using netdde's eth0Samuel Thibault
2018-12-30I tweaked the open-issues/64-bit port. I inlined the faq (Is there is 64-bit ↵Joshua Branson
version? page). I added a link to the GNU Mach x86_64 branch. I also added some emphasis to some lines. And I corrected a link to debian's jenkins.
2018-11-10I added some color to the anatomy image.Joshua Branson
2018-11-10An inkscape image on the anatomy of a hurd system page.Joshua Branson
2018-11-09I added some detail to the open_issues/pci_possibilities page.Joshua Branson
2018-11-09Some mini edits for the contributing and dde pages.Joshua Branson
2018-11-08I am adding Richard's comment about mach's memory management issue to the ↵Joshua Branson
open issues gnumach memory management page. I also added a link to the 64-bit port on the 830MB RAM limit page.
2018-11-02I am trying to clean up the anatomy of a hurd system webpage.Joshua Branson
2018-11-02cgit -> git I added some info on the systemd and Upstart pages. I added some ↵Joshua Branson
links to other multiserver OSs. some tweaks to the systemd and upstart wiki pages. more info added to the genode OS page. I added a GNU Shepherd page.
2018-10-29I explained that the gopherfs is defunct and pointed to the httpfs page. I ↵Joshua Branson
mentioned that the xattr work is now finished. I added some commentary on the deficiencies page.
2018-10-27* I modified tcp_ip_stack to reflect that lwip should replace pfinet.Joshua Branson
* I modified open_issues/device_drivers_and_io_systems to include rump kernel. * I created a rump kernel wiki page, and I linked to it from the project_ideas/tcp_ip_stack webpage. * I added an obsolete logo to the DDE page, to pointe people to the Rump kernel page.
2018-10-27* I restructured open issue wine to show that wine mostly works.Joshua Branson
* I added a current status to the physical memory management wiki page.
2018-09-03SSH: PTY allocation request failedThomas Schwinge
2018-06-18open_issues/gcc: Cilk Plus, and Intel MPX support have been removed in GCC trunkThomas Schwinge
2018-05-25The "new" Gmane no longer provides Message-Id lookupThomas Schwinge
..., so switch to "The Mail Archive", <>.
2018-05-09Merge commit '96dba7ef358153dd1a608ab45f52226d08d62e3c'Thomas Schwinge
As part of the merge, fix some typos, adjust copyright headers, and apply a few more minor changes.
2017-10-22qt-at-spi poses problem tooSamuel Thibault
2017-02-28detail a bit more what's leftSamuel Thibault
2017-01-05icedove doesn't pose problem any moreSamuel Thibault
2017-01-03llvm 3.7 fixedSamuel Thibault
2017-01-03emacs25 poses the same problemSamuel Thibault
2016-12-16gcc: Enable Ada testingThomas Schwinge
2016-12-12gcc: 17f0f5acdcfb9181203ca9b6d8f8cbc64e5ce843 (2016-11-30)Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-10Merge commit 'b6a6df4a0de194eeec4e3f5f91d2874309814e59'Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-07binutils-gdb: 03b62bbbce3dc5f15131d9e78f77d035cd1cffb3 (2016-11-23)Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-07binutils-gdb: b593ecca856860a8b38deb808493bba4beef3aee (2016-11-23)Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-07binutils-gdb: 1a9ccd70f9a75dc6b48d340059f28ef3550c107b (2016-11-23)Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-06binutils-gdb: Build GDB with a C++ compilerThomas Schwinge
2016-12-06binutils-gdb: GCC 6Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-05open_issues/gcc: --enable-gnu-unique-objectThomas Schwinge
2016-12-04Merge commit '45e529318e9963a4df0a900bd7b5bd29a6412183'Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-02gcc: GCC 6Thomas Schwinge
2016-12-02gcc: Re-run after system updatesThomas Schwinge
2016-11-28binutils-gdb: Re-run after laplace.SCHWINGE system updatesThomas Schwinge
2016-11-26binutils-gdb: f245535cf583ae4ca13b10d47b3c7d3334593ece (2016-09-05)Thomas Schwinge
2016-11-24binutils-gdb: a932d108b10518994c873b38a363af9f21bc2e87 (2016-05-10)Thomas Schwinge
2016-11-24A few notes on GDB issues, from months agoThomas Schwinge
2016-11-20patch appliedSamuel Thibault
2016-11-12Update URLs to local git repositoriesJustus Winter
2016-11-01document workaroundSamuel Thibault
2016-11-01Document bogus port issue at bootSamuel Thibault
2016-10-09llvm gets stuckSamuel Thibault
2016-09-05icedove breaks ext2fsSamuel Thibault
2016-08-28Complete commit 1f6eff (Drop -no-kvm-irqchip)Samuel Thibault
we don't have the issue without it any more, and it actually seems to pose other problems
2016-06-09libxs seems fine nowSamuel Thibault