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2010-03-27gsoc: new idea: fixing testsuite failuresantrik
2010-03-27gsoc/ideas: grow a Python option to the former Perl taskantrik
2010-03-10Fix typos and spelling on GSoC pagesCarl Fredrik Hammar
2010-03-10gsoc/project_ideas: add note on DDE being mostly done, and drop from listantrik
2009-12-17Add valgrind gsoc ideaSamuel Thibault
2009-05-18Simplify some links.Thomas Schwinge
2009-05-18Prefix directives.Thomas Schwinge
2009-03-25New GSoC task: xattr supportantrik
2009-03-25New GSoC task: libcapantrik
2009-03-24New GSoC task: Improving Perl supportantrik
2009-03-24New GSoC task: Audio grabbingantrik
2009-03-24New GSoC task: Dummy hardware access librariesantrik
2009-03-24New GSoC task: Port GNATantrik
2009-03-21Link to projects from GSoC ideas pageantrik
2009-03-21New GSoC task: Fix PATH_MAX issuesantrik
2009-03-20New GSoC task: Porting libgtopantrik
2009-03-18Download backends GSoC task: More appropriate file nameantrik
2009-03-18Properly write up download backends GSoC taskantrik
2009-03-13community/gsoc/project_ideas/apt_ftpfs: Initial version from IRC discussion.Thomas Schwinge
2009-03-12GSoC ideas list: Additional hints regarding exercise task selectionantrik
2009-03-10Drop kernel instrumentation (dtrace) GSoC taskantrik
2009-03-10Drop procfs GSoC taskantrik
2009-03-10Drop namespace-based translator selection GSoC taskantrik
2009-03-09GSoC project ideas list: Inline each subpage individuallyantrik
2009-03-07Rework introduction section in GSoC project ideas listantrik
2009-03-05community/gsoc/project_ideas: Split into subpages.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-23Move user pages where they belong.Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-19Revert "microkernel/mach/gnumach -> microkernel/mach/gnu_mach"Thomas Schwinge
2008-11-05microkernel/mach/gnumach -> microkernel/mach/gnu_machThomas Schwinge
2008-10-08UNIX.Thomas Schwinge
2008-09-11Added some text markup to gsoc and gsoc project ideas.arnebab
2008-09-10Major status update for end of GSoCantrik
2008-04-25Add status notes to selected projectsantrik
2008-04-07Link to application formantrik
2008-04-07Add exercise for diskfs locking tooantrik
2008-04-07Add exercises to all project ideasantrik
2008-04-05List possible mentors for (some) projectsantrik
2008-04-03Use correct syntax for external links.Thomas Schwinge
2008-04-02(glue code) Suggest ddekit as alternativeantrik
2008-04-02Remove note about ``Xen's high-level driver interface'', as this is what the ...Thomas Schwinge
2008-04-01(VM tuning) Add linkantrik
2008-03-31Add warning about procfs task popularityantrik
2008-03-31(procfs) Readded list of examples for tools using procfsantrik
2008-03-30Simplify hyperlinks.Thomas Schwinge
2008-03-30Added links for server overriding discussionsantrik
2008-03-30Described Lisp part of the binding project and proposed mentorship for it.Pierre THIERRY
2008-03-29community/gsoc/procfs/* -> hurd/translator/procfs/*Thomas Schwinge
2008-03-28web commit by flaviocruzGNU Hurd wiki engine
2008-03-28web commit by flaviocruzGNU Hurd wiki engine
2008-03-28web commit by flaviocruzGNU Hurd wiki engine