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2018-10-29I created a new lwip translator page. It is bare minimum, and it probably is ...Joshua Branson
2018-10-27typoSvante Signell
2018-10-27* I modified tcp_ip_stack to reflect that lwip should replace pfinet.Joshua Branson
2018-10-27* I restructured open issue wine to show that wine mostly works.Joshua Branson
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2017-03-10Update project with presentation and exercise.Justus Winter
2017-02-22Update gsoc ideasSamuel Thibault
2017-02-21Drop xattr project idea, it's doneSamuel Thibault
2017-02-21Drop physical memory management projectSamuel Thibault
2016-12-04Merge commit '45e529318e9963a4df0a900bd7b5bd29a6412183'Thomas Schwinge
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2016-06-08Merge commit 'e25d4ea07b09e7e6df61777988c1fc104f0a538e'Thomas Schwinge
2016-06-08darnassus: apache2, cgitThomas Schwinge
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2016-03-31GSoC 2016 student application period is overThomas Schwinge
2016-03-18GSoC 2016Thomas Schwinge
2016-02-24GSoC preparationsThomas Schwinge
2016-02-24GSoC 2014, 2015Thomas Schwinge
2016-02-24More FOSDEM 2016 notes, etc.Thomas Schwinge
2016-02-24Merge commit 'e21fadaf306d17c53055153bd1fe3797886eeb26'; commit 'e164cc3bc34b...Thomas Schwinge
2016-02-21Prepare for gsoc 2016Samuel Thibault
2016-02-01fosdem 2016 is now pastSamuel Thibault