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+[[!tag open_issue_hurd]]
+IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-01-09:
+ <pinotree> ← maybe it could be used for
+ nfs support, instead of the rpc stuff "removed" in newer glibc versions
+ <antrik> pinotree: sounds like it could do much more than just the RPC
+ stuff -- definitely interesting :-)
+ <pinotree> hm but it seems to be an abstraction over either classic rpc or
+ tirpc
+ <pinotree> (anyway, it is packaged already in debian)
+ <antrik> good licensing too
+ <antrik> I guess I'll modify the GSoC task to "rework the Hurd NFS client
+ to use libnfs" :-)
+ <pinotree> the nfs translator?
+ <antrik> yes