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+Issues with the current 2.17 version of glibc/EGLIBC in Debian experimental.
+Now in unstable.
+# IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-03-14
+ <markus_w1nner> I have a strange tcp via localhost question:
+ <markus_wanner> The other side closes the connection, but I haven't read
+ all data, yet. I should still be able to read the pending data, no?
+ <markus_wanner> At least it seems to work that way on Linux, but not on
+ Hurd.
+ <markus_wanner> Got a simple repro with nc, if you're interested...
+ <youpi> markus_wanner: yes, we're interested
+ <markus_wanner> youpi: okay, here we go:
+ <markus_wanner> session 1: nc -l -p 7777 localhost
+ <markus_wanner> session 2: nc 7777
+ <markus_wanner> session 2: a <RET> b <RET> c <RET>
+ <markus_wanner> session 1: [ pause with Ctrl-Z ]
+ <markus_wanner> session 2: [ send more data ] d <RET> e <RET> f <RET>
+ <markus_wanner> session 2: [ quit with Ctrl-C ]
+ <markus_wanner> session 1: [ resume with 'fg' ]
+ <markus_wanner> The server on session 1 doesn't get the data sent after it
+ paused and before the client closed the connection.
+ <markus_wanner> I'm not sure if that's a valid TCP thing. However, on
+ Linux, the server still gets the data. On hurd it doesn't.
+ <markus_wanner> I'm working on a C-code test case, ATM.
+ <youpi> markus_wanner: on which box are you seeing this behavior?
+ <youpi> exodar does not have it
+ <youpi> i.e. I do get the d e f
+ <markus_wanner> a private VM (I'm not a DD)
+ <markus_wanner> ..updated to latest experimental stuff.
+ <markus_wanner> GNU lematur 0.3 GNU-Mach 1.3.99-486/Hurd-0.3 i686-AT386 GNU
+ <youpi> ok, I can't reproduce it on my vm either
+ <youpi> maybe the C program will help
+ <markus_wanner> Hm.. cannot corrently reproduce that in C. (Netcat still
+ shows the issue, though).
+ <markus_wanner> I'll try to strace netcat...
+ <markus_wanner> ..Meh. strace not available on Hurd?
+ <pinotree> no, but there is rpctrace to show the various rpc
+ <markus_wanner> Cool, looks helpful.
+ <markus_wanner> Thx
+ <markus_wanner> Uh.. that introduces another error:
+ <markus_wanner> rpctrace: ../../utils/rpctrace.c:1287: trace_and_forward:
+ Assertion `reply_type == 18' failed.
+ <youpi> I'm checking on a box without ipv6 configuration
+ <youpi> maybe that's the difference between you and me
+ <youpi> I guess your /etc/alternatives/nc is /bin/nc.traditional ?
+ <markus_wanner> Yup, nc.traditional.
+ <markus_wanner> Looks like that box only has IPv4 configured.
+ <markus_wanner> Something very strange is going on here. No matter how hard
+ I try, I cannot reproduce this with netcat, anymore.
+ <pinotree> not even after a reboot?
+ <markus_wanner> Woo.. here, it happened, again! This is driving me crazy!
+ <markus_wanner> Now, nc seemingly connects, but is unable to send data
+ between the two. Netcat would somehow complain, if it failed to connect,
+ no?
+ <markus_wanner> No it worked.
+ <markus_wanner> So this seems to be an intermittent issue. So far, I could
+ only ever repro it as a normal user, not as root. May be coincidental,
+ though.
+ <markus_wanner> Now, 'a' and 'b' made it through, but not the 'c' sent
+ manually just after that. Something with that TCP/IP stack is definitely
+ fishy.
+ <markus_wanner> Anything I can try to investigate? Or shall I simply
+ restart and see if the problem persists?
+ <youpi> maybe restart, yes
+ <youpi> did you restart since the upgrade ?
+ <markus_wanner> Yes, I restarted after that.
+ <markus_wanner> Hm.. okay, restarted. Some problem persists.
+ <markus_wanner> I currently have two netcat processes connected, the
+ listening one got some first two messages and seems stuck now.
+ <markus_wanner> With the client, I tried to send more data, but the server
+ doesn't get it, anymore.
+ <markus_wanner> Any idea on what I can do to analyze the situation?
+ <youpi> for the netcat issue, I haven't experienced this
+ <youpi> are you running in kvm or virtualbox or something else?
+ <markus_wanner> I'm currently puzzled about what "experimental" actually
+ ships.
+ <markus_wanner> On kvm.
+ <markus_wanner> My libc0.3 used to be 2.13-39+hurd.3.
+ <markus_wanner> But packages.d.o already shows 2.17.0experimental2.
+ <youpi> experimental ships experimental versions, which you aren't supposed
+ to use
+ <youpi> unless you know what you are doing
+ <youpi> iirc 2.17 is known to be quite broken for now
+ <markus_wanner> Okay. So I guess I'll try to "downgrade" to unstable, then.
+ <markus_wanner> Phew, okay, successfully downgraded to unstable.
+ <markus_wanner> Hopefully monotone's test suite runs through fine, now.
+ <markus_wanner> Yup, WORKING! Looks like some experimental packages caused
+ the problem. The netcat test as well as that one failing monotone test
+ work fine, now.
+## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-03-19
+ <tschwinge> pinotree, youpi: Is there anything from that markus_wanner
+ discussion about pfinet/netcat/signals that needs to be filed? I guess
+ we don't know what exactly he changed so that everything workedd fine
+ eventually? (Some experimental package(s), but which?)
+ <youpi> that was libc0.3 packages
+ <youpi> which are indeed known to break the network
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-18
+ <braunr> root@darnassus:~# dpkg-reconfigure locales
+ <braunr> Generating locales (this might take a
+ while)... en_US.UTF-8...Segmentation fault
+ <braunr> is it known ?
+ <youpi> uh, no
+## IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-06-19
+ <pinotree> btw i saw too the segmentation fault when generating locales
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-04
+ <bu^> hello
+ <bu^> I just updated
+ <bu^> Setting up locales (2.17-98~0) ...
+ <bu^> Generating locales (this might take a while)...
+ <bu^> en_US.UTF-8...Segmentation fault
+ <bu^> done
+ <gnu_srs> bu^: That's known, it still seems to work, though. If you have
+ the time please debug. I've tried but not found the solution yet:-(
+ <bu^> ok, just wanted to notify
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-19
+ <braunr> for info, the localedef segfault has been fixed upstream
+ <braunr> or rather, upstream has been written in a way that won't trigger
+ the segfault
+ <braunr> it is caused by the locale archive code that maps the locale
+ archive file in the address space, enlarging the mapping as needed, but
+ unmaps the complete reserved size of 512M on close
+ <braunr> munmap is implemented through vm_deallocate, but it looks like the
+ latter doesn't allow deallocating unmapped regions of the address space
+ <braunr> (to be confirmed)
+ <braunr> upstream code tracks the mapping size so vm_deallocate won't whine
+ <braunr> i expect we'll have that in eglibc 2.18
+ <braunr> hm actually, posix says munmap must refer to memory obtained with
+ mmap :)
+ <braunr> (or actually, that the behaviour is undefined, which most unix
+ systems allow anyway, but not us)
+ <braunr> also, before i leave, i have partially traced the localedef
+ segfault
+ <youpi> ah, cool
+ <braunr> localedef maps the locale archive, and enlarges the mapping as
+ needed
+ <braunr> but munmaps the complete 512m reserved area
+ <braunr> and i strongly suspect it unmaps something it shouldn't on the
+ hurd
+ <braunr> since linux mmap has different boundaries depending on the mapping
+ use
+ <braunr> while our glibc will happily maps stacks below text
+ <braunr> the good news is that it looks fixed upstream
+ <youpi> ah :)
+ <braunr>
+ <braunr> see the change about close_archive
+ <braunr> i haven't tested it though
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-21
+ <gg0> just upgraded to 2.18, locales still segfaults
+ <braunr> ok
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-23
+ <braunr> ok, as expected, the localdef bug is because of some mmap issue
+ <braunr> looks like our mmap doesn't like mapping files with PROT_NONE
+ <braunr> shouldn't be too hard to fix
+ <braunr> gg0: i should have a fix ready soon for localedef
+ <braunr> youpi: i have a patch for glibc about the localedef segfault
+ <youpi> is that the backport we talked about, or something else?
+ <braunr> something else
+ <braunr> in short
+ <braunr> mmap() PROT_NONE on files return 0
+ <youpi> ok
+ <youpi> seems like fixable indeed
+ <braunr> nothing is mapped, and the localdef code doesn't consider this an
+ error
+ <braunr> my current fix is to handle PROT_NONE like PROT_READ
+ <youpi> doesn't vm_protect allow to map something without giving read
+ right?
+ <braunr> it probably does
+ <braunr> the problem is in glibc
+ <youpi> ok
+ <braunr> when i say like PROT_READ, i mean a memory object gets a reference
+ <braunr> on the read port returned by io_map
+ <braunr> since it's not accessible anyway, it shouldn't make a difference
+ <braunr> but i preferred to have the memory object referenced anyway to
+ match what i expect is done by other systems
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-24
+ <youpi> braunr: ah ok
+ <braunr> ok that mmap fix looks fine, i'll add comments and commit it soon
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-03
+ <youpi> braunr: did you test whether
+ does indeed fix locale generation?
+ <braunr> youpi: it doesn't, which is why i applied
+# IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-06-20
+ <youpi> damn
+ <youpi> hang at ext2fs boot
+ <youpi> static linking issue, clearly
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-06-30
+ <youpi> Mmm
+ <youpi> __access ("/etc/", F_OK) at startup of ext2fs
+ <youpi> deemed to fail....
+ <pinotree> when does that happen?
+ <youpi> at hwcap initialization
+ <youpi> at least that's were ext2fs.static linked against libc 2.17 hangs
+ at startup
+ <youpi> and this is indeed a very good culprit :)
+ <pinotree> ah, a debian patch
+ <youpi> does anybody know a quick way to know whether one is the / ext2fs ?
+ :)
+ <pinotree> isn't the root fs given a special port?
+ <youpi> I was thinking about something like this, yes
+ <youpi> ok, boots
+ <youpi> I'll build a 8~0 that includes the fix
+ <youpi> so people can easily build the hurd package
+ <youpi> Mmm, no, the bootstrap port is also NULL for normally-started
+ processes :/
+ <youpi> I don't understand why
+ <youpi> ah, only translators get a bootstrap port :/
+ <youpi> perhaps CRDIR then
+ <youpi> (which makes a lot of sense)
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-07-01
+ <braunr> youpi: what is local-no-bootstrap-fs-access.diff supposed to fix ?
+ <youpi> ext2fs.static linked againt debian glibc 2.17
+ <youpi> well, as long as you don't build & use ext2fs.static with it...
+ <braunr> that's thing, i want to :)
+ <braunr> +the
+ <youpi> I'd warmly welcome a way to detect whether being the / translator
+ process btw
+ <youpi> it seems far from trivial
+# glibc 2.18 vs. GCC 4.8
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-11-25
+ <youpi> grmbl, installing a glibc 2.18 rebuilt with gcc-4.8 brings an
+ unbootable system
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-11-29
+ <teythoon> so, what do I do? rebuild the glibc 2.18 package with gcc4.8 and
+ see what breaks ?
+ <teythoon> when I boot a system with that libc that is ?
+ <teythoon> I wish youpi would have been more specific, I've never built the
+ libc before...
+ <braunr> debian/rules build in the debian package
+ <braunr> ctrl-c when you see gcc invocations
+ <braunr> cd buildir; make lib others
+ <braunr> although hm
+ <braunr> what breaks is at boot time right ?
+ <teythoon> yes
+ <braunr> heh ..
+ <braunr> then dpkg-buildpackage
+ <braunr> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck speeds things up
+ <braunr> just answer on the mailing list and ask him
+ <braunr> he usually answers quickly
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-12-18
+ <gnu_srs> teythoon: k!, any luck with eglibc-2.18?
+ <teythoon> tbh i didn't look into this after two unsuccessful attempts at
+ building the libc package
+ <teythoon> there was a post over at the libc-alpha list that sounded
+ familiar
+ <teythoon>
+ <braunr> wow
+ <teythoon> ?
+ <braunr> this looks tricky
+ <braunr> and why ia64 only
+ <teythoon> indeed
+ <braunr> it's rare to see aurel32 ask such questions
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-01-22
+ <youpi> btw, did anybody investigate the glibc-built-with-gcc-4.8 issue?
+ <youpi> oddly enough, a subhurd boots completely fine with it
+ <braunr> i didn't
+ <teythoon> no, sorry
+ <youpi> I was wondering whether the bogus deallocation at boot might have
+ something to do
+ <braunr> which one ?
+ <braunr> ah
+ <braunr> yes
+ <braunr> maybe
+ <youpi> quoted earlier here