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<youpi> I know, I've asked tschwinge about it
<youpi> it's not urging anyway
<pinotree> right
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-21
+ <pinotree> tschwinge: btw, samuel suggested to rename in libpthread ia32 →
+ i386, to better fit with glibc
+ <tschwinge> pinotree: Hmm, that'd somewhat break interopability with
+ Viengoos' use of libpthread.
+ <pinotree> how would it break with viengoos?
+ <tschwinge> I assume it is using the i386 names. Hmm, no isn't it x86_64
+ only?
+ <tschwinge> I'll check.
+ <pinotree> does it use automake (with the in repo)?
+ <tschwinge> I have no idea what the current branch arrangement is.
+ <pinotree> tschwinge: it looks like ia32 is hardcoded in Makefile and
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-08-07
+ <tschwinge> Also, the Savannah hurd/glibc.git one does not/not yet include
+ libpthread.
+ <tschwinge> But that could easily be added as a Git submodule.
+ <tschwinge> youpi: To put libpthread into glibc it is literally enough to
+ make Savannah hurd/libpthread.git appear at [glibc]/libpthread?
+ <youpi> tschwinge: there are some patches needed in the rest of the tree
+ <youpi> see in debian, libpthread_clean.diff, tg-libpthread_depends.diff,
+ unsubmitted-pthread.diff, unsubmitted-pthread_posix_options.diff
+ <tschwinge> The libpthread in Debian glibc is
+ hurd/libpthread.git:b428baaa85c0adca9ef4884c637f289a0ab5e2d6 but with
+ 25260994c812050a5d7addf125cdc90c911ca5c1 »Store self in __thread variable
+ instead of threadvar« reverted (why?), and the following additional
+ change applied to Makefile:
+ <tschwinge> ifeq ($(IN_GLIBC),yes)
+ <tschwinge> $(inst_libdir)/
+ $(objpfx)$( \
+ <tschwinge> $(+force)
+ <tschwinge> - ln -sf $(slibdir)/$(
+ $@
+ <tschwinge> + ln -sf$( $@
+ <braunr> tschwinge: is there any plan to merge libpthread.git in glibc.git
+ upstream ?
+ <tschwinge> braunr, youpi: Has not yet been discussed with Roland, as far
+ as I know.
+ <youpi> has not
+ <youpi> libpthread.diff is supposed to be a verbatim copy of the repository
+ <youpi> and then there are a couple patches which don't (yet) make sense
+ upstream
+ <youpi> the slibdir change, however, is odd
+ <youpi> it must be a leftover