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A lot of Linux-specific things.
+ * IRC, OFTC, #debian-hurd, 2013-09-05:
+ <gg0> how can this fix it on {kf,hurd}-i386?
+ <pinotree> what makes you think it does?
+ <pinotree> it fixes #714890, which has nothing to do with hurd or
+ kfreebsd
+ <gg0> i simple wouldn't add a patch that fixes it on one i386 arch
+ only, being aware there are others
+ <pinotree> meet sylvestre
+ * IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-05:
+ <pinotree> tschwinge: iirc you were working on llvm/clang, weren't you?
+ <tschwinge> pinotree: That's right. I have patches to
+ follow-up/rework. Stalled at the moment, as you probably already
+ guessed... %-)
+ <pinotree> tschwinge: <Sylvestre> by the way, pinotree if you have time
+ for hurd stuff, I would be glad to have your help to port
+ llvm-toolchain-3.3 to hurd. I am having some issues with threading
+ aspects
+ <pinotree> he's the debian packager of llvm
+ <tschwinge> That paste is for LLDB -- which I'd not assume to be in a
+ shape usable for Hurd.
+ <tschwinge> (I didn't look at it at all.)
+ <pinotree> tschwinge: if you look at the latest llvm-toolchain-3.3
+ debian source, there's a lldb-hurd.diff patch, which starts some
+ include header dance
# Build