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crasher le noyau)
<braunr> (enfin jveux dire, qui faisait crasher le noyau de façon très
obscure avant le patch rbtree)
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-07-15
+ <bddebian> I get errors in vm_map.c whenever I try to "mount" a CD
+ <bddebian> Hmm, this time it rebooted the machine
+ <bddebian> braunr: The translator set this time and the machine reboots
+ before I can get the full message about vm_map, but here is some of the
+ crap I get:
+ <braunr> oh
+ <braunr> nice
+ <braunr> that may be the bug youpi saw with my redblack tree patch
+ <braunr> bddebian: assert(diff != 0); ?
+ <bddebian> Aye
+ <braunr> good
+ <braunr> it means we're trying to insert a vm_map_entry at a region in a
+ map which is already occupied
+ <bddebian> Oh
+ <braunr> and unlike the previous code, the tree actually checks that
+ <braunr> it has to
+ <braunr> so you just simply use the iso9660fs translator and it crashes ?
+ <bddebian> Well it used to on just trying to set the translator. This time
+ I was able to set the translator but as soon as I cd to the mount point I
+ get all that crap
+ <braunr> that's very good
+ <braunr> more test cases to fix the vm