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+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-28
+ <youpi> uh, the i686 profiles have much more progression than i386
+ <youpi> it seems they don't actually run these
+ <pinotree> youpi: what do you mean with "we don't run those"?
+ <pinotree> iirc there are three build profiles done, but there are 4
+ regression test files
+ <youpi> yes, but some failing tests are not run in the three build profiles
+ <youpi> even if they are built for all of them
+ <pinotree> not even run? which ones?
+ <youpi> see for instance test-ifloat.out
+ <youpi> test-ifloat is built in all profiles, but only run in the libc one
+ <pinotree> don't have a glibc built tree around atm, sorry :/
+ <youpi> perhaps because glibc thinks it's not useful to run it again if it
+ fails on i386
+ <youpi> you can check the logs
+ <pinotree> do you think glibc's build system is that smart? :)
+ <pinotree> all the builds are done in separate builddirs, so theorically
+ they should not touch each other...
+ <youpi> yes
+ <youpi> that's why I'm surprised
+ <pinotree> could it be they get not run in optimized/particular builds?
+ <pinotree> what about linux/kfreebsd i386?
+ <youpi> I don't see what makes them not run
+ <youpi> or at least be treated particularly by th eMakefile
+ <youpi> not run on kfreebsd either
+ <youpi> pinotree: also, most of the tests now working have been marked as
+ failing by your patches for 2.17, would it be possible to retry them on
+ the box you used at that time?
+ <pinotree> that's the vm on my machine
+ <youpi> which kind of vm?
+ <youpi> kvm?
+ <pinotree> y
+ <youpi> they are working here
+ <youpi> with kvm
# Building
Run `debian/rules patch` to apply patches (instead of having it done during the