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+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-07
+ <rekado> I'm trying to investigate a crash in pfinet, so it will actually
+ die. I just want to know why it dies and what the value of a few
+ variables has been when it died.
+ <teythoon> have you tried to make it dump core?
+ <rekado> oh, good idea.
+ <rekado> I'll try that.
+ <teythoon> do you know how?
+ <rekado> I don't, but I think I can figure it out.
+ <teythoon> look into /servers
+ <rekado> do I just have to set CRASHSERVER=/servers/crash-dump-core and run
+ pfinet in that environment?
+ <teythoon> possibly, I've never heard of CRASHSERVER, but it's certainly
+ plausible ;)
+ <teythoon> I just link crash to crash-dump-core, that way it is permanent
+ and for all processes
+ <rekado> found it in the website contents
+ <rekado> gotta try that.
+ <rekado> hmm, I can't get pfinet to dump core; linked /servers/crash to
+ /servers/crash-dump-core and compiled pfinet to raise(6) at one point.
+ <rekado> But no core file is created.
+ <teythoon> :/
+ <teythoon> rekado: try cd /tmp ; cat & kill -SIGILL %% to see if that dumps
+ core
+ <rekado> yes, this works.
+ <rekado> I replaced the original pfinet with my crashing version.
+ <rekado> Should it dump core to /hurd then?
+ <teythoon> I'm not sure about it's wd
+ <teythoon> hm, ok, I just did settrans -ca foo /hurd/pfinet and then killed
+ that pfient with SIGILL and it dumped core
+ <teythoon> to the directory I issued the settrans from
+ <rekado> So I must run it myself. I can't just replace the original binary
+ and have it dump core somewhere.
+ <teythoon> it seems that you have to use settrans -ca to start an active
+ translator
+ <teythoon> do fsysopts /servers/socket/2 to find out the cmdline of your
+ pfinet
+ <rekado> that's very helpful.
+ <rekado> thanks
+ <teythoon> then use this to restart it, e.g.:
+ <teythoon> settrans -afg /servers/socket/2 $(fsysopts /servers/socket/2)
+ <teythoon> if it dies it should dump core to you cwd
+ <rekado> great. Thank you very much. I had been wondering how to get the
+ full cmdline of pfinet.
+ * rekado makes a note of fsysopts
+ <rekado> yup, there's the core file. Nice.
+ <teythoon> cool 8D
+ <teythoon> btw, in case using gdb doesn't work out for your problem, if you
+ start pfinet (or any translator) this way (with -a == active), you can
+ write stuff to stderr
+ <rekado> yeah, I noticed that. The assert() call wrote to stderr. Useful.
+ <braunr> rekado: core dumps are another not-working-well feature of the
+ hurd :/
+ <braunr> i recommend attaching
+ <tschwinge> rekado: In case that's still helpful:
+ <>.
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