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<civodul> pinotree: is it a Debian-specific change, or included upstream?
<pinotree> libgc using SIGUSR1/2? upstream
<civodul> ok
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-03
+ <congzhang> braunr: when will libc malloc say memory corruption?
+ <braunr> congzhang: usually on free
+ <braunr> sometimes on alloc
+ <congzhang> and after one thread be created
+ <congzhang> I want to know why and how to find the source
+ <congzhang> does libgc work well on hurd?
+ <braunr> i don't think it does
+ <congzhang> so , why it can't?
+ <braunr> congzhang: what ?
+ <congzhang> libgc was not work on hurd
+ <pinotree> why?
+ <congzhang> I try porting dotgnu
+ <braunr> ah
+ <braunr> nested signal handling
+ <congzhang> one program always receive Abort signal
+ <pinotree> and why it should be a problem in libgc?
+ <congzhang> for malloc memory corruption
+ <braunr> libgc relies on this
+ <congzhang> yes
+ <congzhang> so, is there a workaround to make it work?
+ <braunr> show the error please
+ <congzhang>
+ <pinotree> where's libgc?
+ <congzhang> i compile dotgnu with enable-gc
+ <pinotree> so?
+ <congzhang> I am not sure about it
+ <pinotree> so why did you say earlier that libgc doesn't work?
+ <congzhang> because after I see one thread was created notice by gdb, it
+ memory corruption
+ <pinotree> so what?
+ <congzhang> maybe gabage collection happen, and gc thread start
+ <pinotree> that's speculation
+ <pinotree> you cannot debug things speculating on code you don't know
+ <pinotree> less speculation and more in-deep debugging, please
+ * congzhang I try again, to check weather thread list changing
+ <congzhang> sorry for this
+ <braunr> it simply looks like a real memory corruption (an overflow)
+ <congzhang> maybe PATH related problem
+ <pinotree> PATH?
+ <congzhang> yes
+ <braunr> PATH_MAX
+ <braunr> but unlikely
+ <congzhang> csant do path traverse
+ <congzhang> I fond the macro
+ <congzhang> found
+ <congzhang> #if defined(__sun__) || defined(__BEOS__)
+ <congzhang> #define BROKEN_DIRENT 1
+ <congzhang> #endif
+ <congzhang> and so for hurd?
+ <pinotree> BROKEN_DIRENT doesn't say much about what it does
+ <WhiteKIBA> nope
+ <WhiteKIBA> whoops
+ <congzhang> it seems other port meet the trouble too
+ <pinotree> which trouble?
+ <congzhang>
+ <congzhang> (gdb) ptype struct dirent
+ <congzhang> type = struct dirent {
+ <congzhang> __ino_t d_ino;
+ <congzhang> unsigned short d_reclen;
+ <congzhang> unsigned char d_type;
+ <congzhang> unsigned char d_namlen;
+ <congzhang> char d_name[1];
+ <congzhang> }
+ <congzhang>
+ <congzhang> d_name should be char[PATH_MAX]?
+ <congzhang> and
+ <pinotree> no
+ <braunr> stop pasting that much
+ <_d3f> uhm PATH_MAX on the hurd?
+ <braunr> and stop saying nonsense
+ <congzhang> sorry, i think four line was not worth to pastbin
+ <pinotree> they are 8
+ <congzhang> never again
+ <braunr> just try by defining BROKEN_DIRENT to 1 in all cases and see how
+ it goes
+ * congzhang read dir.c again
+ <congzhang> braunr: it does not crash this time, I do more test
+#### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-04
+ <congzhang> hi, I am dotgnu work on hurd, and even winforms app
+ <congzhang> s/am/make
+ <congzhang> and maybe c# hello world translate another day :)