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@@ -332,3 +332,16 @@ It has last been run and compared on 2010-11-10, based on CVS HEAD sources from
make libgc use RTMIN+5/6, like done on most of other OSes
<youpi> but we don't have RT signals, do we?
<pinotree> right :(
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-03-21
+ <pinotree> civodul: given we have to realtime signals (so no range of
+ signals for them), libgc uses SIGUSR1/2 instead of using SIGRTMIN+5/6 for
+ its thread synchronization stuff
+ <pinotree> civodul: which means that if an application using libgc then
+ sets its own handlers for either of SIGUSR1/2, hell breaks
+ <civodul> pinotree: ok
+ <civodul> pinotree: is it a Debian-specific change, or included upstream?
+ <pinotree> libgc using SIGUSR1/2? upstream
+ <civodul> ok