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<youpi> ok
<youpi> but that indeed means writeback of ext2fs works, which is a good
sign :)
+# IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-04
+ <teythoon> btw, I noticed that fifos do not work on tmpfs
+ <braunr> teythoon: tmpfs seems limited, yes
+ <teythoon> that's annoying b/c /run is a tmpfs on Debian and sysvinit
+ creates a crontrol fifo there
+ <teythoon> I wonder why I didn't notice that before
+ <braunr> also, fifos, like symlinks, can be shortcircuited in libdiskfs
+ <braunr> i wonder if that has anything to do with the problem at hand
+[[mtab/discussion]], *Multiple mtab Translators Spawned*.
+ <teythoon> b/c this breaks reboot & friends
+ <teythoon> I do too
+ <teythoon> b/c I cannot find any shortcut related code in tmpfs
+ <braunr> well, it's optional normally
+ <braunr> so that's ok
+ <braunr> but has it really been tested when the option wasn't there ? :)
+ <teythoon> yes, but the tmpfs requests this by setting diskfs_shortcut_fifo
+ = 1;
+ <pinotree> hm i remember tmpfs was said to be working with
+ sockets/fifos/etc, back then when it was fixed
+ <braunr> teythoon: oh
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-10-11
+ <teythoon> this will have to wait for the next hurd pkg unfortunately, b/c
+ I broke tmpfs by accident :-/
+ <pinotree> how so?
+ <teythoon> the dropping of privileges broke passive translators and mkfifo
+ <braunr> there actually is a reason why those are run as root or with the
+ privilege of their owner
+ <braunr> privileges should be decoupled from identity
+ <teythoon> yes