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<youpi> oh
+## IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-03
+In context of the item on [[/contributing]].
+ <rekado> About this task: "Make pfinet OK with the ethernet device going
+ away." --- how can I test this? How can I remove the ethernet device?
+ <pinotree> settrans on the ethernet device, handled by the netdde
+ translator
+ <pinotree> that is, make it go away (settrans -fg)
+ <rekado> Ah, I see.
+ <rekado> Thanks
+ <pinotree> check its status before with showtrans
+ <pinotree> then, after having made it go away, set it again
+ <rekado> I don't think I'm doing this right... After `settrans -fg
+ /dev/eth0` I should not be able to access the network anymore, but it
+ still works.
+ <rekado> How can I figure out which of the four network devices is actually
+ used?
+ <braunr> rekado: the file system is used to open files, i.e. access
+ services
+ <braunr> it's not used to revoke access
+ <braunr> once pfinet has obtained a port to the network device, it keeps it
+ <rekado> oh, yes, of course. Sorry, this is all very
+ new to me.
+ <rekado> I'm not sure what the problem is that this task describes. In
+ what way is pfinet "not OK" with the ethernet device going away?
+ <braunr> rekado: the idea is to make pfinet able to cope with a driver
+ crash
+ <rekado> Can I trigger a driver crash for test purposes? (Or do I have to
+ build a purposefully broken driver first?)
+ <braunr> use kill
+ <rekado> Oh, good.
+ <braunr> iirc, netdde doesn't restart correctly :x
+ <braunr> you'll probably have to fix it a bit
+ <braunr> i guess there is some persistent state that prevents it from
+ reinitializing correctly
+ <rekado> okay
+ <rekado> I may need one more pointer: where can I find the netdde code?
+ Grep'ing around I only see it only mentioned as an argument to
+ /hurd/devnode; also: should I work in some incubator branch or directly
+ in the hurd repo?
+ <braunr> rekado: incubator branch
+ <rekado> Okay. Thank you for your patience. I'll play with this in the
+ next few days.
+ <braunr> enjoy
+ <rekado> :)
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-05
+ <rekado> When I kill the /hurd/netdde process I can no longer access the
+ network (as expected);
+ <rekado> To restore connectivity I run "settrans -g eth0 /hurd/devnode -M
+ /dev/netdde eth0" from the /dev directory.
+ <rekado> When I access the network again everything is fine. (I do see a
+ message telling me "irq handler 11: release an dead delivery port"
+ <rekado> )
+ <rekado> Is it the goal to avoid having to run settrans again to run netdde
+ after it crashes or is killed?
+ <youpi> you don't need to run settrans again
+ <youpi> that should get triggered automatically
+ <rekado> Hmm, after killing netdde I get "Resource lost" when using wget.
+ <rekado> It doesn't seem to be restarted automatically.
+ <youpi> try again
+ <youpi> the first wget makes pfinet try to use netdde and fail, thus crash
+ <youpi> the second wil respawn pfinet
+ <youpi> ideally pfinet shouldn't die, that's a TODO mentioned in the
+ "contributing page"
+ <rekado> Ah, so that's what should be prevented.
+ <youpi> it's just a matter of making pfinet be fine with errors from the
+ eth translator, and simply reopen it instead of dying
+ <rekado> That's the thing I've been trying to figure out.
+ <rekado> when I run wget a second (or third) time I get a different error;
+ "Name or service not known."
+ <rekado> It's only okay again when I use settrans
+ <youpi> maybe the devnode translator also needs some fixing
+ <youpi> it's odd that I don't have the issue though
+ <rekado> I'm using the qemu image, updated just yesterday.
+ <youpi> same here
+ <youpi> anyway, now you know where to put your hands :)
+ <rekado> yes, thanks a lot.
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-07
+ <rekado> in pfinet/ethernet.c:ethernet_open there's an assertion:
+ edev->ether_port == MACH_PORT_NULL
+ <rekado> This is violated when netdde was killed and the device is
+ reopened.
+ <rekado> I'm not sure what should be done: destroy the port before
+ reopening or drop the assertion?
+ <rekado> If I drop the assertion, Mach seems to handle this just fine.
+ <rekado> Says "irq handler 11: release an [sic] dead delivery port" and
+ then carries on without problems.
+ <rekado> Is this a warning or an error, or can this be ignored?
+ <rekado> (or none of the above?)
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-08
+ <rekado> I have a simple patch for pfinet that lets it recover from an
+ error in ethernet_xmit when /hurd/netdde and /hurd/devnode have been
+ killed.
+ <rekado> It doesn't work, though, when only netdde has been killed.
+ <rekado> With devnode still around device_open fails with "(ipc/send)
+ invalid destination port"
+ <rekado> I don't know where device_open is defined and why this error is
+ returned.
+ <rekado> I guess the error refers to the "master_device" port returned by
+ file_name_lookup() in ethernet_open()
+ <rekado> Why would file_name_lookup() return an invalid port when netdde is
+ dead but devnode is still running?
+ <braunr> rekado: maybe because devnode needs to perform a fresh lookup as
+ well
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-09
+ <rekado> braunr: re devnode: devnode only performs a single lookup in
+ parse_opt(), i.e. at start-up.
+ <rekado> I'll try to understand devnode enough to patch it.
+ <braunr> rekado: that's the problem
+ <braunr> it should perform a lookup every time it's opened
+[[!message-id ""]],
+[[!message-id ""]].
+ <rekado> I submitted two patches to the mailing list. I've tested them on
+ Debian GNU/Hurd but based them on the incubator/dde branch.
+ <teythoon> rekado: awesome, reliability fixes are very much welcome
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-18
+ <rekado> youpi: my apologies for the delay in getting back to you with
+ improvements to my pfinet/devnode patches. Been very busy.
+ <braunr> rekado: development pace on the hurd has always been slow, no need
+ to apologize
+## MAC Addresses
+[[!tag open_issue_hurd]]
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-21
+ <jproulx> what command will show me the MAC address of an interface?
+ <youpi> ah, too bad inetutils-ifconfig doesn't seem to be showing it
+ <youpi> I don't think we already have a tool for that
+ <youpi> it would be a matter of patching inetutils-ifconfig
+## Routing Tables
+[[!tag open_issue_hurd]]
+### IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-21
+ <jproulx> Hmmm, OK I can work around that, what about routing tables, can I
+ see them? can I add routes besides the pfinet -g default route?
+ <youpi> I don't think there is a tool for that yet
+ <youpi> it's not plugged inside pfinet anyway
# Reimplementation, [[!GNU_Savannah_task 5469]]